Indian Curry Vs Thai Curry – Which is Best?


If you have tried any kind of curry in the past, you will know just how tasty they can be. However, the two most popular styles are Indian curry and Thai curry. While they both have similarities, you’ll also find quite a few differences in how they are cooked, the ingredients that are used, and even how theory taste. You need a certain palate to enjoy either style, but if you love rich and spicy food, we suggest trying both to see which you prefer.

Whether you prefer Thai or Indian curry, you’ll love the distinct differences in the flavours and textures of each. Although they both rely on coconut milk and meats such as chicken lollipop, Thai curries have a velvety, light texture. In contrast, Indian curries have a thicker, soup-like consistency. While both are good for vegetarians, the curry leaf gives Thai dishes an elongated, nutty flavor.

The main difference between Indian and Thai curries is their consistency and flavour. Thai curries are saucier and are often made with coconut milk. While the difference between the two sauces isn’t that great, they can be quite different when it comes to consistency. The difference between Thai and Indian curry is in coconut milk. However, both use fresh cilantro. The sauces of the Indian curry are thicker, and the flavours are more intense than the ones of the Thai counterpart.

Thai Curry is Lighter

While both curries use coconut milk, Thai curry is lighter, savoury, and uses large pieces of vegetables. It’s made with coconut milk and chicken broth and tends to be more broth-like. In comparison, Indian curries are more stodgy and use dairy products. Both are delicious, but there are some differences. For example, Thai curries contain coconut milk and turmeric, while Indian curries are made with heavy cream.

When it comes to curry sauces, Indian sauces are thicker and more intense. While Thai curry is brighter and uses more fresh ingredients, it can also be healthier. Its high saturated fat content is not good for your heart. And neither does Thai curry use any spices. You can find both types of curry in many Asian restaurants. It’s up to you to decide what you prefer!


It would be wrong to label which of Thai and Indian curry is the best. Both are fantastic and it will literally come down to personal preference. Thai curry is generally milder so will suit those that do not like anything too hot. However, some Indian curries are mild too although some can be incredibly spicey. Take a taste for yourself or perhaps even learn how to cook both variants. Then you can make your own mind up on which you prefer. Even if you love the good food over the very tasty, you still ought to try them out to see how to achieve a balance.