Learn how Fan2play & GetMega provide higher winnings on low investments



There is a full range of fantasy sports apps that can enable players to have fun. Some of the best fantasy game platforms are Fan2play and GetMega. With these online gaming platforms, becoming a successful player will be very possible. You can use GetMega apps to create your team and become a successful game player.  

With Fan2play, making money is quite easy with low investment. Fan2play and GetMega will offer you a wide range of fantasy sports games that you can play. You can choose the ones that satisfy you more.

There are several functionalities in their apps that will help you to have a higher chance of winning on Fan2play with low investment. Keep reading to find out the great deals on these amazing platforms!

Affordable entry fee

These platforms have an affordable fee that you can use to enter into the contest. Though they have just a small entry fee, the winning prices are very high. For example, the Fan2Play will enable you to enter into the contest with the lowest price of around 25 rupees.

With GetMega, you will be able to enter into content with a very low fee, as low as 1 rupee, which almost everyone can afford. Though the entry amount is very low, you will find that you can get a higher win.

Fist deposit cashback bonus

Both platforms have a first deposit cashback bonus for every newcomer. It is a feature that will allow you to earn more during the first time on the platform through your first deposit.

With Fan2play, you can get a cashback bonus of up to 500 rupees during your first deposit. On the other hand, with GetMega, you can get a bonus once you deposit for the first time. For example, if you deposit 50 rupees, you will get a 200% bonus of 100 rupees. You have to use the GetMega coupon code they provide for you on your account to get this offer.

Referral program

Both platforms have a referral program. The more you refer to more people, the more you will get a referral bonus. Fan2Play will provide you with a link that you can invite people to participate in the platform. Once the user you refer pays for their first game, then you will be awarded 10 rupees. With Fan2Play, the number of referrals is up to 5.

GetMega also offers an interactive referral bonus of up to 200 rupees; however, the people you invite must be in your contact book. Your referral must play with you at least one game through the video chat mode.

Multiple teams

With the two platforms, you can have multiple teams that you can use in a contest. Here you can have a low budget of money which you can distribute to all your teams. Remember, since they allow a small fee to enter the contest, this will be an advantage. Once you have multiple teams, you will increase your chance of winning. If other teams lose, at least you can have a team that will win. Not that they have huge winning prices, so you will not have a higher amount of money if you win.

Loyalty points

It is another reward that you can get once you participate in a contest. With the Fan2play, you will earn loyalty points of different formats depending on the game. On the other hand, GetMega will give you the same points for all kinds of games. Remember these reward points. You can later convert them to real money.


Fan2Play and GetMega are fantasy apps that will offer you many features that will enable you to have low investment but high winnings. It is a good strategy even for beginners because you play less but win more while mastering the game well before becoming a pro. Hopeful this article has assisted you in knowing how you will invest low in this platform but getting higher winnings.