Maximizing Your Space In A Studio Apartment


Ah, studio apartments…the staple of new graduates around the world and, for or worse, one of the most challenging storage situations ever dealt with. But fear not, we do have some tips and tricks you can use to make finding storage in your apartment a cinch. Read on to learn more.

Get Rid of The Unnecessary

The first thing that you can do to get that one-bedroom studio apartment looking like it is actually a one-bedroom again is by decluttering and purging anything that isn’t truly essential. Yes, that includes taking those worn-out jeans you don’t use anymore to the local goodwill and donating them to a shelter.

You will be pretty surprised to find out how much room you’ve had this whole time when you practice regularly throwing out or giving away things that you don’t use anymore. Additionally, throwing away random old papers and bills that have piled up can lead to more breathing space.

Become a Minimalist (Or Find Cheap Storage)

One of the best things you can do to free up space and get that breathing room back into your apartment is by leaning more towards a minimalist approach to apartment living.

This means getting rid of old decorations, trinkets, and other memorabilia from your desk, shelves, or other locations and storing them out of sight or at a cheap storage facility.

Over-decorating can shrink an already small place while integrating a minimalist approach can make your apartment feel even 1.5X larger.

Add Natural Lighting

By leaving the window space open and unobstructed, you can allow natural light to flood your room. This gives off the appearance of having more space because it simulates a more open-air and outdoor environment. Opting for curtains that are lighter in color and not too opaque can also help you in this endeavor.

While there are numerous ways to maximize space or the appearance of space in your studio apartment, these three are a great way to get started. Don’t wait and get started now to start feeling less cramped in your current environment.