Most notorious serial killers


Are you among those who don’t have any idea about serial killers in the whole world? You guys don’t believe that many serial killers brutally killed innocent people without any reason. Let me share with you a list of some most notorious serial killers you never know. Also you can find out more Serial Killer in the history of USA on CrimeThreat

  • Jeffrey Dahmer 

Jeffery Dahmer, an American serial killer, who killed seventeen males and raped them. When he was 18-years-old, Dahmer started killing innocent people. He found his male targets near to malls, gay bars, bus stops, and parks. He did sex acts with the dead body and take photos of his activities. He even keeps their genitals and skulls with him and disposed of the rest of the bodies. He was murdered in jail in 1994 by one of his inmates.

  • Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is another American rapist, serial killer, and necrophilia who was famous as a notorious serial killer in the late 20th century. Bundy was a well-educated and handsome guy. In the year 1970, Bundy killed 36 women and decapitated 12 girl victims. When he committed his crimes, he was sentenced to jail and on the 24th of January 1989, Bundy was executed through an electric chair at morning time around 7 am.

  • H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes is known as a pharmacist who built a house, especially for doing murders. The house is famous as “Murder Castle.” He is also famous as the 1st serial killer in America. Holmes was a bigamist and con artist who murdered more than 200 individuals. He constructed a home for killing his victims as he belongs to an affluent family. On November 1894, he was detained by the police and during custody Holmes told different fake stories to them. After many trials, he committed his crimes and sentenced to jail in 1895. Holmes was hanged for his crimes on 7th May 1896.

  • John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy, another serial killer of America, who is also known as “Killer Clown”. His all victims were young males as first he raped his victims and killed them brutally. He killed more than thirty-three young male victims and mostly corpses were discovered from his house. Gacy was an abusive child from his childhood. By profession, he is working for a construction company. His modus operandi was different from other serial killers as he wears a clown costume and targeted his victims. Gacy was imprisoned in the jail for 33 murders of a young male, with addition to torture and rape. He was died on 10th May 1994 by lethal injection. 

  • Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez is known as the world’s most creative serial killers who were connected with around 300 murders in Ecuador, Peru, and his country Colombia. He is renowned as “Monster of the Andes”. He mostly targeted young girls. After getting arrested by the police and sentenced to prison where he didn’t spend more than twenty years. In the year 1998, he got released from jail because of his good behavior. Now, no one knows about it whether he is alive or not. His identity is still missing.