Natural Remedies for chronic knee pain


If you have come here, we know you are looking out for some natural remedies for fighting chronic knee pain.  We know how it can make your life hell along with affecting your work-life balance. 

Whether you go for a walk or do workouts, knee pain can arise anytime. Old-age adults are more prone to this condition. If you have weaker joints or your body lacks sufficient Vitamin D, knee pain can be common. 

However, chronic knee pain is the result of osteoarthritis or genetic issue. But no matter what the cause is, we are bringing some effective natural remedies for knee pain treatment of mild to moderate pain. 

Massage Therapy 

The best you can do is providing massage therapy to your knees. Massaging them gently using essential oils like sesame oils or coconut oils works in knee pain treatment. 

You don’t have to do it on your own. Many Ayurveda centers are there where massage therapy is given by experts. Book an appointment with your local massage center to meet a massage specialist for you. 

Moreover, massaging thighs reduces stress on the knees. Thus, it reduces knee pain quickly. The effect of massage will last longer if you don’t involve yourself in high-stress physical activity. 

Weight Management

Managing your weight is necessary for preventing knee pain. Because your weight can result in excess pressure on your joints. 

According to the Arthritis Foundation, obesity is highly linked to inflammation. People with higher BMI can suffer from osteoarthritis of the hand. 

So, you can’t address chronic knee pain without lowering your weight. Your doctor can provide you the target weight, which you have to maintain unless the pain from the knees doesn’t fade away. 

He might also suggest changing his diet to avoid the increase in body weight and BMI. 

Pain Reliever Ointment 

Pain reliever ointments have a significant effect on knee pain. They can reduce the pain quickly. Just make sure you choose the right pain reliever ointment cream or gel. 

Many are there in the market but we will recommend you to choose Moov Pain Reliever. It acts as a great knee pain relief especially when you are trying to recover from chronic pain. 

If you want to live a fit and healthy lifestyle again, then use Moov Strong Diclofenac Gel or spray. 

Knee Pain Relief Exercises 

Exercising daily can keep your knees strong and physically active. It can promote mobility in the muscles. 

Some exercises help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, which is one of the main causes of pain in the knees. 

 You may be wondering that how can someone exercise in pain? Don’t worry because some knee pain relief exercises are there to help you in reducing pain. 

Ask a personal trainer to be with you during your workout session. Do light knee pain-relieving exercises like tai chi, yoga, swimming, etc. 


In arthritis, ginger works as a magical ingredient in your food. It can be taken by mixing in the tea, supplements, and into dishes. 

Take ginger extract apart from your prescribed medicines. This will help you to recover faster from chronic knee pain. 


Non-steroid medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs help fight knee pain. For some medicines, you require a doctor’s prescription. However, steroid injections, tramadol, duloxetine, are some of the medicines that can be taken at home. 

Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and Cold therapy are affecting many kinds of inflammation and pain. It can provide you relief from joint pain that happens because of arthritis. 

Applying heat therapy will relax your muscles and lubricate the knees. This will remove the stiffness of the joints. You can use a water bottle and warm pad for heat. 

For cold therapy, ice always works in knee pain treatment. Wrap some ice cubes up in a cloth and put for 10 seconds on your knee. Remove and do the same again. 

Final Words

All the above natural remedies are effective in knee pain treatment. But you need to ask your doctor before trying anything by yourself. Most important thing is to take proper rest and sleep as it can keep the stress low. This is another way to curb knee pain.