Ways to Stay Productive During the Quarantine and the Need for Big Berkey Water Filter at Home


In some places, the coronavirus transmission is yet to be contained. It has been months since this pandemic started, and we are yet to put a cap on it. The virus begins spreading even in remote areas. Hence, governments around the world have no choice but to put everyone’s life on hold. Things couldn’t go on as usual. Since there’s no safe vaccine yet, the only way to deal with the problem is by staying home. The good thing is that you can also take the time to improve your house. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to install the Big Berkey water filter, you can finally do it. You have more time to get things done since there’s nothing else on your plate.

If it’s been a while since you first went into isolation, it already feels boring by now. You run out of things to do. You don’t even know how to be productive. Before you worry about it, this quarantine isn’t meant for you to do as many things as you can. The goal is to prevent the spread of the virus. It’s not about making people work twice as hard. However, if you still feel stuck, these activities will help you stay productive

Enroll a free course

There are plenty of free courses available online. Some of them are free. Top universities around the world even host them. If you want to learn something new or improve your chosen field, you can give it a shot. These courses were also a product of thorough researches done by experts. You can apply whatever knowledge gained into your future career. You can even use the certificate obtained to boost your resume.

Watch a documentary 

Documentaries are having a renaissance these days. Thanks to streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, documentary makers have enough funds to pursue an in-depth investigation of a topic. The documentaries you can watch are interesting and a product of months or even years of investigatory journalism. They’re worth seeing on your free time, and there’s a lot to learn from them.

Have a workout routine

Just because you’re at home and no one can see you don’t mean you have to forget being physically fit. You can still observe the fitness regimen at home. You don’t even need gym equipment to be fit. You can follow online tutorials on how to exercise at home. As long as you keep moving and not spend hours in bed, it’s good enough. Lots of people are gaining weight because of the quarantine. They couldn’t control what they eat. If you feel the same, you can at least make it up with a regular fitness routine.

Learn a new language

You might have always wanted to learn a new language, but you don’t have time to do it. Since you’re running out of things to do, you can start learning a new language. It takes months at least to have a basic grasp of a foreign language. It could consume your entire time in quarantine.

Complete a puzzle

Puzzles can be exhausting and mentally challenging. If you’re too busy, you would rather stay away from them. Since you have all the time to play puzzles, you should do it. In doing so, you become more focused. You also improve your analytical thinking skills. There are many puzzles to choose from, including toys that you have to assemble. Tricky puzzles will make you feel like giving up. However, you have nothing else to do, and you might want to see things through.


Meditation doesn’t necessarily make you productive in a traditional sense. Practicing it will make you more focused. It allows you to try harder in doing other things that make you productive. It might be difficult to meditate at first. You could fall asleep. You might also find it hard to be in a meditation mode. With constant practice, you will eventually master it. You will learn how to focus and not be bothered by external factors.

Keep a journal

Being in quarantine might be something unique to modern human lives. We’ve never experienced anything like this before. We are forced to stay home not because we want to, but for safety reasons. Try to start a journal to document what you’ve been doing. You can use it as a reference in the future should another pandemic happen. Journaling also keeps you sane. When you’re isolated, and you have no one to talk to, it helps. You need an outlet to release your emotions.

Start a vlog 

Vlogging is an excellent idea since it doesn’t look like you’re working at all. It’s a fun activity that you can do even at home. Find something interesting to you and record yourself while doing it. You may also start a podcast if you’re shy to show your face. The best part about vlogging is that it can help you make money. If you have enough subscribers, you can start earning money.

Be a volunteer

Volunteering at this time is a noble act. There are many ways to volunteer. You can help organizations raise funds online. You can also edit videos or pictures to be used for different campaigns. You may also join the soup kitchen in preparing food for people who have nothing to eat. Given the number of employees who lost their jobs, these food banks are even more critical.

Have a travel plan 

Traveling isn’t possible for now, but things could change in the future. Instead of getting annoyed that you can’t travel, why don’t you start coming up with a plan? You have more time to research the details. You can also look into destinations you’ve always longed to visit.

These tips will allow you to feel productive even when you’re at home. Things will stay this way for a few more months. Try to do whatever makes you productive, but don’t push yourself to the limits.