Planning Your Karaoke Party Right: Tips To Make It Hit!


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Is it your first time hosting a karaoke party? Well, you are in for a lot of fun! Just to be clear – karaoke parties involve a lot of singing, dancing and thrilling fun. So, prepare yourself for all you need to do as a host, and turn it into an enjoyable experience for everyone.

1) Prepare your singing/karaoke machine

Make sure that the music list is up-to-date with all the latest fun songs that you and your friends would like to jam at the party. Don’t have a machine and don’t feel like buying it for just one party? Well, you can easily rent one at PartyMTL AV rentals and have all the perks of having the best karaoke machine and sound systems to add flavor to your party.

2) Invite as many people as you can

The more, the merrier, especially when it comes to karaoke singing. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and office colleagues to an evening full of fun jamming and singing. Make sure that the day you have the party is convenient for all those who receive an invite. Nobody likes to miss a karaoke party after all.

3) Prepare loads of snacks and drinks

With all that singing and random dancing, people are bound to get thirsty and hungry. For drinks, make sure that you aren’t serving anything too chilly as it might affect the throat, and with snacks make sure it is fast finger-food so that people can grab a bite as and when they like.

4) Hire someone to be your karaoke DJ

It is your party and you definitely need to be a part of it. You cannot do it by doing all the work. With karaoke parties comes the need of handing the karaoke set, especially if you hired one then might as well hire a DJ to help you. You can select the playlist and music with the DJ beforehand so that no one wastes time on selecting songs and browsing through the whole list. In this way, you can relax and enjoy.

You can also have other games at your party so that the people who aren’t singing are also engaged the whole time. Have mystery karaoke themes where people sing songs as written on chits that they pick, make them choreograph their moves, and have a whole lot of fun. Happy partying!