Relaxing Bedroom Decor Ideas

Home Improvement

Your bedroom is your place for totally switching off, snoozing and getting some seriously rewarding relaxation in – so you’ll want it to feel as calming and dreamy as possible, right? Thought so! You’ll need to gather a little information, inspiration and advice in order to put together the most beautiful bedroom possible, and this is just the spot to find some! Read on for a few fabulous bedroom decoration tips and ideas that will ensure that your room is as tranquil and well put together as it possibly can be!

Use yourself as inspiration

First things first, you should take a look at your own taste in other areas of your self expression. It is so tempting to get totally sucked into the glossy world of Instagram and Pinterest photos or fixated on homewares magazines, but this is best avoided especially when you’re putting together a room as personal and private as your bedroom. Check out the art that you love, the overall mood of your wardrobe and the style that’s already flowing through the rest of your home. You’ll likely be able to see an overarching aesthetic that’s completely reflective of you and your personal style!

Stick to a colour palette

This will largely depend on your personal style, but try to curate yourself a limited colour palette to work within. Now, if your taste is all things colour then throw caution to the wind and use as many rich, eclectic hues as you like. If you prefer a more pulled together look, then pick about three to five colours and stick to them during your decorating process. Make two of these neutrals, dark or light, and introduce a couple of pop tones to fill your room with sophisticated personality.

Explore design category options

You’ll find that you see a few familiar terms cropping up when you’re on the hunt for furniture, pay attention! There are so many different style categories and options out there, each with its own unique style and feel. Some of the best styles for a peaceful, relaxing bedroom include classic, minimalist, shabby chic and Hamptons. There really is a furniture style for every taste out there, delve in and explore these design categories when you’re shopping to give your search and your styling process some direction.

Invest in quality

You don’t want to have to keep replacing a piece of furniture because you bought it on the cheap. Even though you might adore that flat packed bedside table at first glance, you won’t be loving it so much when it collapses under the weight of your hardback book in the middle of the night. Save yourself the trouble and invest in beautiful, well made, high quality pieces that you’ll have with you for many years to come.

Take your time

This goes hand in hand with investing in your pieces. Taking your time is essential to putting together a well thought out, beautifully designed home – it might be annoying, but it’s just a fact! Slow down and have a serious think about how your prospective furniture is going to flow with the rest of your home, whether it’s practical in terms of storage and functionality, if you’re going to love it for a long time to come and to decipher whether it’s a wise investment or not. Avoid snap judgements at all costs!

Measure meticulously

Finally always, always shop with your measurements handy – that goes for both physical and online shopping people. This is particularly essential when you’re shopping for your bed, you don’t want any disasters when you’re placing that centrepiece, it’s the star of the show, after all.