Safety first: 7 awesome benefits of Amplimesh SupaScreen doors

Home Improvement

Amplimesh SupaScreen doors have made waves in recent years due to their enhanced security features. Here are seven reasons why your home can benefit from these impressive doors.

  • They increase security!

Amplimesh SupaScreen doors utilise high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel that is then woven into a fine, sturdy mesh. These hyper modern security doors and window screens incorporate a sophisticated patented design and eliminate the need for mesh panels, pins, snap-ins, rivets or screws. Amplimesh products are thoroughly tested to ensure they can handle attacks and meet Australian and industry standards.

  • They increase the home’s comfort & energy efficiency

As you can allow plenty of cool evening air through to your home without actually opening the doors all the way, you can actually save on using your air conditioner in the summer months. Australians are prone to receiving a few shocks during the summer months when it comes to energy bills, what with all that air conditioning being used, but with SupaScreen you can have a clean air flow with plenty of unobstructed view and you don’t even have to worry about putting on the air con all night!

  • You can easily see outside

Amplimesh SupaScreen provides a clear, unimpeded 156-degree angle view to the outside. You get an amazing view to the outside without actually having to open the front door!

  • They are bushfire compliant

When used alongside a bushfire compliant door or window SupaScreen security products meet bushfire safety standards up to and including BAL-FZ (Flame Zone). SupaScreen is highly resistant to ember attack, will protect glass from burning debris and will reduce radiant heat.

  • It adds value to the home

People love the style and safety features of SupaScreen products so much that they are happy to pay a little extra to have them part of their home. This means increased resale value if you ever decide to move. Security doors have come a long way since they were big, unsightly monoliths, nowadays they can be just as form-conscious as they are functional, and SupaScreen doors are a testament to this notion.

  • They improve the home’s ventilation

Summer can be toasty in oz – we all know this. One of the best things to do is allow a cool evening breeze into the home and Amplimesh SupaScreen is perfect for doing just that without compromising the home’s safety.

  • They keep out unwanted critters

The fine mesh weaving of SupaScreen products ensures you can easily keep out all kinds of bugs and insects during the warmer months. Furthermore, as you can allow a cool breeze and unobstructed views through to the outside, you don’t even have to open up the door and run the risk of some unwanted flies and mozzies getting into the house and causing a ruckus.

They are just a great option for the home

People often thought of security doors as unsightly monstrosities that were better to avoid just to maintain the home’s aesthetic. But nowadays your home can enjoy year-round protection whilst having a stylish, energy-efficient security door that also allows plenty of views and air flow right when you need it.

Amplimesh SupaScreen products are designed to keep you safe and, importantly, comfortable. After all, the home is the place where we are supposed to feel most comfortable, so why not ensure you are with some of the best modern security doors available?