Tax and Profit making Goes Side By Side Now


Money is constantly linked to mood. Who doesn’t find sales exciting? Who has not been excited to receive a bonus? However, it is precisely this sudden emotion that many times does not allow you to reflect before spending and you end up buying something useless, unnecessary or that you did not like so much.

When it comes to finances, it’s best to keep a cool head. Don’t let your spending run on impulse. Before buying anything, analyze if you really need it and if its price is fair for what you get. Also check your priority list and make sure that money is not spent on something else. Especially when it comes to taxes, the options are perfect there.

The choice of the tax regime is one of the most important steps for the success of a company. A poorly made option at this stage of the process can generate the need to pay a set of inappropriate taxes, significantly compromising the financial health of the business, or even generating tax problems with the IRS.

There are three types of taxation regimes that can be adopted by companies:

Presumed Profit and Real Profit

It is recommended that the choice be made and analyzed by an accountant, who has experience and knowledge in the subject and can give you the necessary instructions and know which is the best option for your business through studies of several specific factors of each case, such as analysis business size, area of ​​operation, market study, income planning, among others.

Tax regime

In this tax regime there are two major advantages: one refers to the values ​​of tax rates that are lower and the other refers to the simplicity of the tax agenda, facilitating control. In this case, companies with gross revenue of up to R $ 4.8 million are included. However, this is not always the most advantageous regime, especially for service providers, which collect the contribution separately and therefore their rates vary according to the payroll.

Real Profit:  This regime is mandatory for companies with revenues greater than R $ 78 million and companies with activities focused on the financial sector. In this case, the rates are calculated based on the real profit, that is, revenue less expenses. For this reason, the company needs to be very organized with its accounts. Along with this you will also have to calculate the taxes and for using the sales tax calculator is effective.

Presumed Profit:  In Presumed Profit, as in the previous one, any company can register. However, its annual revenue under this tax regime cannot exceed R $ 78 million. In this case, the Income Tax and the CSLL are levied on a rate defined by the Federal Revenue Service.


Yes, to change your concept of money. Spending money is not bad, as many people believe; it is a means that allows us to survive and achieve our goals. The important thing is to use it correctly to guarantee the essentials and enjoy what we like. Mentalize yourself to be a manager of the money you have and to use it wisely.