Top 4 IT Specializations To Focus On


The IT sector or Information Technology has the potential to employ over 6 million people. The different aspects of these job sectors range from healthcare to finance to education. A typical example of the importance of IT in the healthcare industry is the use of scheduling software for clinics, which is used to effortlessly proportion work time to staff, as it counts and analyzes clock-in and clock-out times to prepare payroll sheets as well as raise staff efficiency levels. Also, being a high occupational field, the IT sector has been projected to be a growing trend in the job field. Thus, if the field entices you as well and is seeking a tech job in San Francisco, you should learn about the top 4 IT specializations.

Thus, if you are also seeking avenues to break into the IT sector jobs, you should pay attention to these four much-in demand tech skills for the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a significant aspect of the IT industry, which is creating exciting avenues for programmers. Artificial Intelligence or AI marks a career in automation, upgraded computer software, and robotics. Candidates who are seeking a tech job in San Francisco in this aspect should develop skills based on logic, technology, engineering, and math perspectives. Also, you need to work on your written and verbal skills to make a mark on your prospective employer. Working with Artificial Intelligence, the primary requisite is possessing and developing an analytical thought process to form cost-effective and effectual solutions. In fact, AI experts earned the topmost emerging spot on Linkedin.

Machine Language

Another innovative, as well as exciting tech field, is Machine Language. The field is creating ample opportunities as human society is edging towards automation. Most of the behind-the-scenes operations in apps make use of machine language. Careers in this IT sector are increasing at a rapid pace. People who are seeking a tech job in this field need to work on their algorithms and a strong aptitude for writing effective codes. You need to write software programs for various purposes, such as network distribution, operating systems, as well as converting different programs into executable files. The possibilities with machine learning are immense, ranging from healthcare to education, from finance to translation. The possibilities are simply enormous and endless.

Cloud Computing

Another imperative aspect of It specialization that is in much demand in the IT sector is Cloud Computing. The jobs revolving around this technology are on the rise due to the transition of more and more firms switching to cloud solutions. In fact, as per Gartner, the cloud market is expected to grow by 17 percent in the year 2020. Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform, including, database storage, content delivery, and networking. AWS specialists are being seen as one of the most profitable IT specializations which an employee can learn to enhance his or her tech skills.


Salesforce is counted among the world’s major 10 software firms when it comes to creating a job market. Thus, you can avail of ample job opportunities in this regard. Some of the major job roles offered include creating customer relationship management solutions and offering a management system to firms for organizing their marketing, sales, and customer department. On Linkedin, you can find a high percentage of CRM and Salesforce related jobs. There are many different certifications that can lend you a helping hand in learning specializations related to CRMs and Salesforce.


The IT sector is vast and offers many job opportunities every single year. However, at the same time, it is dynamic and ever-changing. Thus, the specializations needed to excel in the IT sector also change as per the changing job trend. The above-mentioned IT specializations can assist you to find a tech job in San Francisco.