Top 5 Most Popular Platforms to Stream Movies


Are you bored around in Quarantine and feel like watching a movie at home? Then watching a film in your home can be the best alternative to going to the theater. So, if you’ve been too busy the whole week with the school, college lectures, or office, then you already know the feel of Friday night. And in the last, you decide to watch a movie. And the conversation goes like which movie to watch and what is there on Netflix. But halt there, because there is so much the Internet has to offer to you. Companies work hard to maximize your interest in streaming movies and make your home viewing experience the best. So all the movie streaming fans, if you’re serious about this concept of watching all the latest movies, and series we have non-Netflix options too, like the Gogoanime website, Hulu, Crackle, and many others that can take your experience to the next level.

  • Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon offers you watching their video content in two ways either, through their video subscription or through purchasing their prime membership. And with the advancement, Amazon has improved its content by putting up the high-quality original shows and movies. And the best thing about streaming over Amazon is that it supports 4k and HDR streaming as well as downloading and viewing it offline.

  • Gogoanime:

If you’re a fan of watching anime, then the Gogoanime website is a gem for you as you can watch all kinds of anime. Whether it be the free or paid version, you get it all free on this website. It has a variety of genres like fantasy, drama, horror, kids, action, and many more. And you get this all for free. The website is legal, but the content it displays is not their original, so the legal issues come.

  • Hulu:

With the diverse set of streaming options, Hulu is one of the topmost platforms to stream movies. It offers live TV streaming shows of more than 60 channels of news, sports, entertainment, and many others. You can stream live TV on the PlayStation 4 with Hulu. But 4k content is limited on it, but it supports offline view too.

  • Netflix:

One of the best content of all time is available over Netflix. The steadily growing library of original contents which outclasses other streaming service and is creating high competition for their competitors such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video. You may find the price of each subscription bit high, but the content it provides is worth the money.

  • HBO Go/HBO Now:

It is one of the well-known and popular movies and the only streaming platform to deliver an impressive catalog of the latest original content. It gives an excellent modern streaming offering that is beyond the board. But one of the drawbacks of it is the price is comparatively higher without any advanced features like 4k and HDR support.