Types of Artificial grass

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Grass gives your lawn a green and lavish look. It is a pleasure for your eyes, low maintenance, and allergy free. Artificial grass or turf can be installed at different places. But it’s important that you may select the type of grass which is best for you and fulfill all your lawn needs. There are few types of artificial grass based on their material along with their pros and cons. Select any of them for your lawn needs to have the best experience.



  • Nylon is the strongest type of artificial grass available for the customers in market. If you are looking for something strong and durable then Nylon based grass can be your first choice.
  • The second benefit you may avail from installing it is that – The grass can withstand any high temperature, doesn’t lose its color and remains in its original shape for a long time. We can say that if you are looking to install artificial grass in a sports lawn this might be your choice.
  • Nylon artificial grass is also used as a supporting type for the grass which are made of polypropylene – it provides them strength and strong structure.
  • This is the most durable grass so if you ignore its first time expenses you will find it a life time investment for your lawn.


  • It is comparatively high in rates from different types of grass so it is not a good choice for residential use
  • Its durability and extra green color sometimes gives you a more artificial look then the natural one



  • The grass is a good choice for residential lawns due to its low budget price and durability.
  • The fibers are not as green as the Nylon have – but it provides you softness and durability with guarantee. Many homeowners prefer to mix this up with Nylon to make sure it lasts This may help its durability in the long run.
  • Home lawns are basically rough used because here your kids might be jumping and playing all around and you might have a pet who loves to sit on it. Polyethylene artificial grass can sustain all these uses.
  • One of the unique features of this grass is its odor résistance ability. The odor doesn’t build up quickly in it – so if you are a pet owner and worried about odor everywhere on the lawn; then you may select this type for your lawn.
  • Taking care of polyethylene grass is comparatively easy; you just have to brush it from time to time so that it looks fresher than ever.


  • This grass is the best choice for you at home and also for a sports The problem starts when you buy low quality grass that will not only reduce its benefits but also gives you lots of trouble.



  • Polypropylene is the economical, smooth looking type of artificial grass.
  • It looks like green lawn carpet and one of the best choices to install at golf lawns.
  • It’s a bit expensive to install it in your lawn so many golf lovers purchase a patch of polypropylene at their homes to play golf indoors.
  • Also due to its smooth and beautiful look it provides you a good decoration inside your house.
  • This type of grass is only recommended if you are looking for something indoors


  • This grass is not your choice if there is heavy foot traffic in the area. The fibers are not strong enough to resist continuous foot traffic.
  • The Fibers are also not anti-UV-light coated so the color may fade soon due to interaction with direct sunlight.
  • It is expensive comparatively and not durable is Nylon artificial grass. All these factors make it least choice for your lawn.
  • As it is not immune to high temperatures soon you will find flat and misshapen areas in your lawn.

If you select the right type of artificial grass for the right place then none of cons will be applicable. Lastly, if you compromise on quality then that might change the cons and disadvantages. So choose wisely from the various outlets of artificial grass and enjoy the best according to your requirements.