Unknown Facts about Your French Bulldogs


How much do you know your Frenchie dog? This smushed face, long pointy ears have a lot of mystery in place to resolve.

Here are some of the unknown facts about your beloved Frenchie Dog

The Industrial Revolution Played Important Role with the Breed

 Originally used for bull baiting, French bulldogs originated when English Bulldogs were bred with Terriers and pugs. After bull baiting was banned, they became one of the favorite companions for the Nottingham lace workers. The reason being their love to sit on the lap, which would eventually keep the workers warm.

With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution in England, the lace workers moved to France where this breed became really popular with the French society ladies. Then eventually it was named Bouledogue Francais and was later improvised to Frenchie.

 Nine standard colors

 The AKC was the first to recognize that this breed comes along in 9 different colors,

  • brindle,
  • brindle and white,
  • cream,
  • fawn,
  • fawn and white,
  • fawn brindle,
  • white,
  • white and brindle,
  • white and fawn.

French Bulldogs are watchdogs

Don’t underestimate Frenchie dogs by the size. They are highly intelligent and trainable and can be a very good watchdog. They are highly alert and will make sure to keep your house is safe from any unwanted presence. Make sure to get French Bulldog Jacket fror them to keep them secure and warm.

 They walk the walk and talk the talk

Though a French Bulldog is not really good at barking, that doesn’t mean they don’t love to chat. They have their own ways of communication like howling, growling, yawning, yipping. Anytime you are feeling duet in a car, they will love to sing along with you.

They aren’t good flyers

We know Frenchies are not great swimmers and neither are they great on planes. Their face structure causes difficulty in breathing whenever they pants. Even there are not really comfortable with high temperatures. It makes them run out of breath when involved in any high energy activity.

They have a lot of emotions

Your small little pumpkin has a lot of emotions and doesn’t really deal with criticism well. Don’t scold them or be prepared small melancholic face around the house.

They love the positive energy and will leave no stones unturned to please you. Reward them with praise and love, and you will be surprised by the amount of love they will shower on you.

 Did you know a FRENCH BULLDOG MIRACULOUSLY SURVIVES 6-STORY FALL? The proper harness was the sole reason behind the survival.

Now gift your Frenchie the perfect Frenchie Bulldog jacket that will not only ensure it’s safety but will also, make sure your pooch is comfortable and stylish.