What to Consider When Searching for Inflatable Paddle Boards 



The robustness and practicality of the inflatables is making them popular with paddlers. To exploit the market for these products, many companies are manufacturing them in large-scale. That is why people find it hard to identify the best ones. With the expert guidance, you will make the perfect choice. Listed are factors to consider when looking for inflatable paddle boards. 

Trial before Purchase

Before paying for the inflatable stand up paddleboards, assess their performance first. A high-quality board will not get your feet wet while in the water. It is strong and rigid. Thus, it can effectively support your weight against the water pressure. Check if it is easy to paddle the board too. Ensure it is the right size and length. Without testing the SUP, you will make a blind purchase. 


Never buy the first inflatable brands you see. Most brands provide low-quality SUPs. Without caution, you will waste money on such products. Research every SUP brand in the market. Read the reviews posted regarding them and examine the quality of their products. The finest paddle board brands have a decent reputation. They are loved by many paddle boarders too. 

The Pump 

The Inflatable SUP must be pumped before use and deflated after. Hence, it is useless acquiring a board that cannot be pumped. The SUP pumps vary in sizes and design. You will find the single singular, dual action, one way and 2 cylinder pump designs. Pick an inflatable board whose pump design is fast and effective. However, carry out an intensive research to know the best pump design. 

Cheaper Boards 

Most people purchase low-quality SUPs because they prefer spending less. To get high-quality and durable inflatables, be willing to spend more money. That is because the production costs of these boards are very high. Thus, they cannot be sold at a cheap price. However, you can compare the prices of various reputable brands to get a better deal in the stores. 


The entry of inflatable stand up paddle boards made mobility less-stressful for paddlers. They can travel with these boards easily. That is because inflatable SUPs have a bag. After deflating them, you can keep them safely in those bags. Pick board with practical and high-quality bags. The bags should be sizeable with space for keeping the paddles. 


The fins 

Fins aid in distinguishing between the best and the worst paddle boards. The available paddle boards have two types of fins. Type one is permanently attached while the other is detachable. Most detachable fins never stick to the SUP. Thus, you might lose them while paddling. That will limit your speed and maneuverability. The best inflatables have permanently fixed fins. 


When looking for a good inflatable SUP, watch out for imperfections. Manufacturers can make mistakes during the production process. You can find boards with twists, reverse rocker lines, bubbles between the PVC layers and leaking seams. These flaws are a sign of low-quality SUPs. Hence, never purchase an inflatable board with such faults because it will not last.