What To Expect During A Condo Interior Design

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Any designer knows what is beautiful does not mean expensive, and cheap doesn’t mean its not good. Expensive is not always beautiful. With any given budget for renovation, you can get both a stylish and cozy interior, or a nightmarish bad taste one. Who and what you choose to renovate makes all the difference.

By having a modest budget in mind, many people can still achieve quality interior design if the funds are used correctly. Lacking large funds, a person may be forced to strive for something simple, unassuming. However, even in simplicity, there can be beauty, as long as you execute it correctly.

So, a small budget is not an obstacle to creating a beautiful, harmonious interior. But certain difficulties, of course, may arise. How and what can you save on? How, having spent the minimum, can you squeeze the maximum value and achieve your dream home interior design?

We bring to your attention a few simple rules and secrets. There is no need to follow them inside and out. These rules are not casted in stone, but are just generic advice, following which will make it easier for you on your interior design journey. 

Start by choosing an interior design style for your condo

If you have to create on a low budget, it’s best not to go for luxury styles, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Neo-Baroque, Traditional Classics, Moroccan Style, etc. One should not look at these exotic stypes as the low-budget implementation is unlikely to come out worthy and nice. It is going to look mediocre and hollow at best.

Firstly, you can find nice condo interior design ideas online, as such Space Factor at https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/condo-interior-design/. After deciding on the style you like, you have to find the professionals that can implement the best décor.

Develop a detailed renovation plan

In order not to spend money on the purchase of unnecessary items, it is worth compiling a list of all the necessary furniture to buy in advance.

You then need to decide what materials will be used. For example, if you want to wallpaper the wall behind the bed, you can do without filigree surface preparation in this place. If, opposite the bed, a fragment of the wall under the TV is sheathed with a board, there is no point in ideally leveling this area.

Preliminary planning and drawing up of the project will allow you to immediately mark those surfaces that will need to be carefully prepared. This work is known to be expensive. Partial preparation of the walls will allow you to save money, because payment is taken per square meter.

By planning the construction of built-in wardrobes and storage rooms and immediately deciding on their location and size, you can save a little on finishing the walls and ceiling. There is no need to use expensive materials inside these nooks. Another example is if you plan to install a large wardrobe, finishing the wall behind it is also pointless.

Beautiful furniture with a minimal budget

It’s easy to work with colour neutral furniture. To make it blend into the design style, it is enough to decorate it with accessories and decorative elements. This help keep budget low as it can be used in more kinds of interior design styles and be matched easily with other items.

For example, a simple neutral colours table can instantly change if you put an attractive or exotic table lamp on it. A gray or beige minimalist sofa will become more cozy and elegant if you decorate it with colourful pillows or some brightly coloured blanket.

Give preference to simple furniture

If you are on a budget, it is not advisable to get expensive, intricately-designed furniture as these can easily be seen as fake by most observers. If your budget is limited, we advise you to stick to simple design and coloured furniture with neutral colours instead. A prime example of flawless simplicity is the Scandinavian interior design, which has become extremely popular in Singapore. If you’d like to see more interior design ideas for condominiums, check out Beautiful Homes.

For more condo interior design ideas, visit Space Factor now and schedule a meeting today!