What you Need to Know about Surge Protectors


Many times, it happens that due to power surge, there is a short circuit in the house due to which your plugs can get destroyed. To make sure that your plugs are safe and so are your devices, you should use a surge protector power plug. The surge protectors help in controlling the voltage and in turn, does not harm your device that is plugged in it. These protectors are used to plug heavy electronic items such as televisions, stereo systems, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.

How do the Surge Protectors Work?

The surge protectors work when a high voltage passes through it. If there is a surge in the voltage, then these protectors control it and regularize the voltage by sending the power through the earth wire. This helps in protecting your device from getting extra voltage that can be damaging.

What Should Consider While Buying the Protectors?

While buying a surge protector power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ, which is a term in Thai), make sure that you check the response time of the protector. It is important that it redirects excess voltage, hence, it should be able to measure how much voltage the protector can handle. You should also check the warranty of the protector.

How to Tell if your Protector is not Working

A surge protector or a standard power plug can wear out as they are used. Some power plugs or protectors come with warning signs that they are not working properly.

If your device got damaged or the power is fluctuation in your device, then your protectors have worn out. Make sure that you replace your faulty power plug with a new one immediately to avoid any further damage to your device.

Use Precautions while Using the Power Plugs

Even though a standard power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ 3 ตา, term in Thai) is safe to use, you should still take precautions while using it. Make sure that there is no water where the plug is being places. You can also keep it in an elevated are to avoid any liquid falling on it.

You can also use a safety box to ensure that your power plug is protected and does not get damaged due to any reason. To protect the wire of the power plug, you can tie up the excess wire and ensure that the wire or the power plug does not come in the way.