It’s 4:00 pm in the evening and you feel the weather changing to a breezy air. Who wouldn’t love a cup of coffee for the moment? More than your body asking it, it’s always your taste buds tempting you to ask for a cup of steaming cappuccino!

London began seeing coffee as a drink when the first coffee club “Oxford Coffee Club” began setting its footprints. People of Britain witnessed coffee regularly from the beginning of the 17th Century. It’s flavor, it’s caffeine, or it’s a fragrance – one cannot decide which factor makes them get addicted to coffee on regular consumption. 

Gimoka offers authentic Italian coffee with a blend of tradition and technology. From the traditional coffee powder to the latest coffee pods and capsules, we at Gimoka make sure you have quality and comfort at your doorsteps. Yet, there are a lot of things to be known before you consume coffee, and settle for a particular brand. 

What happens when one consumes Coffee regularly? 

There are pros are cons to every action. Gimoka’s Caffeine Consumption on a regular pattern might help you in a few aspects and may cause you to harm in a few scenarios as well. 

  • To keep heart diseases away from you

Studies say that consuming coffee on a regular basis might you make less prone to heart diseases since the caffeine boost the ability of your heart to pump blood effectively. It is said that the caffeine contains plenty of anti-oxidants which makes it act such.

  • Coffee keeps your mind calm and positive

The Caffeine in the coffee has stimulative properties which make people have a positive mind, calm and composed all the time. Harvard’s school of public health states in their report that, having one to two cups of coffee every day will make them have lesse thoughts of suicide and depression.

  • Coffee increases the athletic factor in you

The coffee’s ability to keep you concentrated and alert all the time makes you an efficient athlete. It drives away the feeling of fatigue. Tiredness and boosts you to keep the receptors of your brain active and alert all the time. You can be an efficient athlete if you are a coffee drinker. 

  • Coffee improves your memory power

Caffeine boosts your composure, concentration, alertness, and focus which naturally improves your memory power. It enhances long-term memory power amidst students. 

Apart from the positive factors, regular coffee consumption might result in occasional disorders like an increase in the body cholesterol and blood pressure levels in cases of excess consumption and might turn you a negative thinker in case you consume beyond the safer levels.  Drinking coffee is good, but make sure it is within the safer limits. 

Where does coffee come from? 

From blooming as a coffee berry, the coffee beans are gently roasted and crushed to make a powder form from which steaming hot flavored coffee comes in. Though the traditional coffee is prepared using the dry roasted coffee bean powders and their decoctions, There are multiple conventions that come into the picture. 

There are other forms of coffee sources that are also highly flavorful just similar to the traditional methods of coffee. There are Easy Serving Espresso Coffee pods and Coffee pods that make brewing coffee easier and conventional by latest breville espresso machine

What are coffee pods? 

Coffee pods are one among the revolutionary alternatives for the traditional coffee decoction. The purest form of coffee powder is packed in organic paper bags with which the filtering process is made easier. We, at Gimoka, offer a selective blend of four flavors wrapped individually to store in the aroma and freshness of the coffee powder. The ground coffee can be disposed of as organic waste to the plants. Our team makes ensure that the freshness of the coffee remains the same till the last sip of your coffee remains the same. 

What are Coffee capsules? 

Coffee capsules are yet another form of coffee consumption. These capsules hold the coffee seeds and a filter within which steaming hot water is to be poured and filtered for consumption. We at Gimoka, offer 6 varieties of capsule coffee. You can buy a box that contains 10 single-serving coffee pods.  Gimoka is famous for its Lavazza and Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

Order today at Gimoka, for a divine caffeine experience.