Why Lockdown Has Increased Japan Doll Sales?


Sedoll is able to provide sexual pleasure to a person who is using them.  It is very important for a person to be sexually satisfied in order to perform well both in-office and at home. A man has to go through a lot of work and social pressure which needs to be released or else the man would just burst like a pressure cooker. This is why it is important for them to have sex so that they are able to release all the pressure and tension. There has been a sudden increase in the demand for the sex dolls in the recent times. There are many reasons behind such an increase in demand. Some of these reasons have been explained in this article.

To let out the frustration

One of the reasons for the increase in the sales of the sedoll is that the lockdown period has made men lonely. They are Locked Up in their own house and are unable to move out. This builds up a lot of frustration and insecurity about their work. The only way to feel comfortable and safe is to have a good sex life. Men who are lonely or do not have anyone to share their stories with often seek the help of the sex dolls. Having sex with the sex dolls will help them in releasing all their pressure and tensions.

To cure loneliness

There are many men who do not have anyone at home and are all alone. To survive the lockdown it is important for them to have someone to care for. It is sure that the requirement or the need for a sex doll increases. Just inserting your dick into that soft and Juicy pussy is enough for one to forget all their tensions and loneliness. They are able to spend their days doing absolutely nothing but lying on the bed and getting fucked.

No prostitutes

People, who used to visit the prostitutes, are now not able to do so because they are not allowed to step out of the house. This makes them go mad as they are unable to get this sweet pleasure of sex. This makes it very important for them to have someone whom they can fuck so that they are able to keep their sanity. This is another reason why sales have increased and skyrocketed. Everyone needs a partner and the best partner in this hard time can be the Japan dolls.

Women and they are cravings for sex

Not only men but also women are craving for sex. These women have not felt the touch of a man for a very long period. To meet their demands, the male sex dolls are introduced in the market. It would be completely wrong to say that it is only the dick that is in search of a soft pussy, it is also the pussy that is in search of a dick. This has been proved by the number of orders that the sex doll companies are receiving for their male sex dolls. These dolls are made exactly like a real man with the same bodily features.

Unsatisfied married life

Many people have a very sad married life. They are unable to have the full enjoyment of sex because their partners are either not willing to provide the sex, or are not good at bed. Whatever the reason may be, they are in search of a partner to have sex with. The feeling that they can get, that cum releases their body is heavenly. This feeling is something for which, they are always on the lookout. With the lockdown period, the Japan dolls are their only hope. It is their last resort in such a situation.


There are lovers who miss their partners a lot but unable to reach out to them because they are required to stay at home. They miss their partners a lot and this is one of the reasons why seeking the help of the male sex dolls. In the sex dolls, they imagine their partners and the way they would have spent their happy times with each other if everything was just as normal as before. The world has turned upside down because of a pandemic; this has also helped the sex doll business to reach a height that they would have never imagined.


To conclude, the main reason behind such a hike in the demand for sex dolls is the fact that men and women are lonely. It is very important for a person to experience the touch of a person so that they are able to let all their Frustrations come out with the help of their cum. It has often been believed that the release of the cum, Help a person to live longer and have a healthy and happy life. This is one of the main reasons why both men and women are looking out for sex dolls and homemade remedies.