Why You Should Consider Voice Over Work


Voice over work is a hidden gem of a profession in the world.

Many people either don’t know about the opportunities it can hold or refuse to believe it’s a viable career option. For whatever reason, it is often dismissed. That means more opportunities for people willing to give it a chance.

If you have ever considered a career as a professional voice over actor, here are just a few reasons you should take the plunge.

Varied Opportunities

There are many different kinds of voice over work available. From video games and commercials to corporate training videos, there is a style for every voice, experience level, and acting talent.

Once you’ve decided to pursue a voice over career, you’ll need to find the right niche for you and your voice. Maybe you’re a perfect commercial voice talent or maybe you have the clear authoritarian voice for training videos.

Either way, there is work out there for your unique skillset.

Good Pay

Each type of voice over work has its own general pay scale, and each client will fall on his or her own spot on those scales. But for seasoned professionals can expect to make upwards of 6-figure incomes.

Of course, if you expect to start there, you will be disappointed. Be willing to put in the hours, take as many paying jobs as you can when you start, and in no time, you can live comfortably off your voice over work, alone.

Work From Home

In today’s world, the idea of working from home has become not only popular but in many cases necessary.

Voice over work is certainly something you can do from home. It involves a small investment upfront to pull off, but not much more than furnishing a home office of any kind.

First, you’ll need to find a small space that you can dedicate to the work. Next, soundproof the space with echo-dampening foam. Finally, fit it with a studio-quality microphone. Your computer is likely powerful enough to do the rest.

All kinds of voice over work can be done from your home studio. Your clients will send you a script and you can take it from there.

As with anything, success takes work and pursuit. If you think this field can be right for you, jump in and get to work. You’ll probably fail along the way and learn as you do, but the best things in life take work.