Your Options for the Best Role Play Sex Game



In love, sometimes it’s good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. If the idea of ​​a sexual role play is exciting, in fact we do not know how to go about putting the subject on the carpet and organizing the game. 

Our advice for playing doctor (and not only)

Information before embarking on a sexual scenario: rediscovering the other, giving yourself the opportunity to express various facets of our personality, having fun … Role playing is the best way to add pep to your life sexual. And it’s more intellectual than remaking the whole Kama sutra and its convoluted positions. Here, we play with the body yes, but also and above all with the spirit! And then, under the cap of someone else, it is always easier to assume some of our desires, this is probably why we play doctor when we are small, it is a good pretext to satisfy your curiosity and make you pee. In short, the role plays sex game, we all practice since childhood, it is enough to reconnect with the. 

The kid that we were

 Configure your game by assigning roles. The advantage is that they are endless. You can be whoever you want and, depending on the character you choose, the gender will be different. Of course, you know the classics: prostitute’s-mac or client, master-slave, nurse-patient, teacher-student, police-era-offender, plumber-civil, lover-mistress, boss-employee, etc. But do not hesitate to innovate. Start from your fantasies or your habits, take inspiration from your references and those of your partner: films, series, comics. Let your imagination run wild. You can also think of the costumes that attract you to find your character (James Bond? Princess Leila? Batman or Barcarolle?) . Anyway, do not bother too much, the idea is simply to have defined the roles upstream to put themselves in the shoes of the latter and give a common thread to the game.

You can change roles at each Role play sex game (but not during the game). It is difficult to do everything at the same time. Accept sometimes to let yourself go and think only of yourself, sometimes to dedicate yourself entirely to the pleasure of the other: the master becomes the slave and vice versa, but we cannot play both at the same time.

Establish the parameters

To be confident and be able to let go, a little adjustment is required. Choose the date and time according to your theme: 2 hours? A night? 24 hour chrono? Adapt the timing to the pitch! Also define broad lines and limits. You can for example state what is authorized or totally prohibited: kisses? Spanking? Sex toys? Etc. In all cases, a shared code should be found.

Set your password:

It’s simple and very effective. You choose a word or a sign to say STOP. In short, an alarm that allows you to react very quickly if one of you does not feel well at any time during the game. Security insurance to be calm and be able to let go!

Summarize the data:

This is an important aspect of the game, it allows you to summarize the scenario on which you have agreed and to increase the excitement. You have chosen to be his sex slave and you will be totally at his command with a smile? Well. For example, send the following message: “On (choose the date), I will be your devoted slave for the day. You will do with me what you want. Tell me: how would you like me to be dressed? What can I bring other than me to satisfy your desires? This small point will allow you to project yourself, so that you will be more comfortable when the time comes.