Your simplified guide to online branding


While digital marketing is crucial for any business in 2019, it is not a everyone’s game especially for start-ups. Though digital marketing is not as expensive as traditional marketing, the cost for advertisement is still an intensive investment.   Apply for Digital marketing course in hyderabad to learn more.

Brought to you by the experienced, here’s the laymen guide to digital marketing.

  1. Social media presence

Social media is one of the most common methods used in digital marketing, and one that most have encountered in their daily live. Social medias, like Facebook and Instagram, are the easily way to build an online presence for your brand.

Building a social media presence is basically free, as of your personal social media. However, in order to represent your business better, it is best to have an official representation of your brand on Facebook and Instagram, to begin with. A business page and a professional profile on Facebook and Instagram respectively are the two that are fundamental to almost every business.

Depending on the industry of your business, you might want to present your business on other social media platforms. Pinterest is one of those recommended for businesses with some sort of engagement to designs and arts. On the other hand, if your business is focusing on B2B interactions, LinkedIn will be the choice for you.

Over the course of time as your brand builds, your social media presence should expand respectively. The regular updates on social media, the profiles across different social media and the information on offer should be altered accordingly to represent your business to the best extent.

  1. Google My Business

Shown as a card on the right when someone search for similar business names on Google, the search engine giant’s My Business division helps businesses to list themselves on the most used network in the world.

Registering for Google My Business is free if you do it by yourself. Fill in the details about your business and Google will try to verify your business with an automated phone call or a postcard.

Once you got verified, you can type in everything about your business, including opening hours, address and telephone number that, when a customer search for your business online, they can understand your business through the card on the side.

Establishing your presence on Google is one of the best ways in digital marketing, considering the impact that Google made to businesses. As most customers will make a search in their time of need, being able to show up at the right moment is crucial.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The final sentence landed perfectly onsearch engine optimization, or SEO. Aimed to bring a website higher in search results, SEO helps searchers to identify your business faster with a better ranking on search engine.

While the first two steps can be done by yourself, SEO is not something that the inexperienced should try to tackle. Not only does it require immense technical expertise, the experience behind is also spectacular as well.

Having a website is a must for SEO. Generally, SEO agencies should have some abilities to build and maintain a website as part of the SEO process require amendment of the website. Agencies who outsource website amendment are often a sign of sub-par without the ability to deal with related issues in house.

SEO can be categorized to changes made to the website and links build with other websites. In short, the content on your website, the user experience of it and the referral by other websites all pose a substantial influence on the performance of your website on Google.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Mostly referred as Google Ads, search engine marketing, or SEM, is easier to enter than SEO. You can set up a Google Ads account for your business and pay Google to place your website on top of other search results.

Although Google Ads is trying to attract general business owners with automated processes. Optimizing the Ads to its optimal performance is not an easy task. And such factor is the reason why SEM is placed under SEO.

Dubbed as “quality score” by Google, this score measures various aspects of the website and the content of the advertisement before recommending your businesses to the billions online. Many of the factors deciding quality score is related to SEO. Therefore, if your website is not performing well at first, unlike traditional advertising, big marketing investment will not make Google recommend your business as well.

While some agencies only focus on a single aspect of digital marketing, digital agencies like WeBOOST offer a holistic solution including SEO, SEM,social media marketing, website development and more that is able to offer a holistic marketing campaign.

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