Common Questions to Ask Before Contracting a Security Guard Company in Houston


Locating and choosing a reliable security guard company can be a daunting task. Protecting your most valuable possessions is a priority that shouldn’t be ignored. After all, a solid security strategy will forestall losses and make the workplace risk-free.

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions you should ask before contracting a security guard company. The purpose of these in-depth inquiries is to determine whether or not a potential security guard company is capable of meeting your needs.

Common Questions to Ask Before Contracting a Security Guard Company.

Security guard services are a major investment that should not be taken lightly. There is a wide variety of companies to choose from, and they all have their advantages, disadvantages, and rates. When hiring a security guard company, you need to find out a few things to ensure you get the best one for your requirements. Here are questions that you should ask:

  • Which services do you offer?

While looking for an appropriate security guard company, the first thing to find out is what services they offer. Always check the company’s track record to ensure they have successfully handled similar security assignments. Some security guard companies may be good at specific services like event security, while others may offer more comprehensive protection.

  • What is your experience in the industry?

Experience is crucial when choosing a security guard firm. You should inquire about the company’s history and the sorts of customers they’ve served. Contract a firm with years of experience in the field for optimal security.

  • Are your security guards and officers certified and qualified?

The third question to ask is whether the company’s security personnel have the proper training and certification. You should confirm that the security guards have the proper training and licensing to work in Texas.

  • What is your response time?

Time is of the essence in situations when immediate action is required, such as during emergencies or security breaches. Inquire about the company’s response time and whether or not they have established protocols for dealing with emergencies in a timely and efficient manner.

  • How do you screen your employees?

The company’s security guards will have access to your premises, valuables, and personnel. Get answers to questions about the company’s procedures for vetting potential employees for honesty and dependability. This may include background checks, drug testing, and reference checks.

  • What is your price range?

Much thought should be given to cost when hiring a security guard company. Find out whether the firm charges a fixed amount or an hourly rate and what kind of services are included in each.

In conclusion, choosing a security guard company is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Selecting a provider that is up to par with your level of safety is as easy as asking the appropriate questions. Verify if the security firm in question offers the services you need, employs screened and trained personnel, responds quickly to emergencies, charges fair rates, etc.

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Having security personnel on standby who are competent and adaptable enough to deal with any circumstance is crucial. Check the contractor’s credentials, experience, and areas of expertise by asking the questions outlined in this article. Ranger Security Agency is a guarding services provider that has been around for decades and has helped numerous individuals, companies, government and non-government agencies, estate managers, etc., in Houston. Contact us for more information.