What Top Qualities Buyers Look for in a Custom Home Builder

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Custom home builders have a high level of quality and the experience of building properties that buyers desire. Some custom home builders make it their mission to offer the best in everything, right down to design, interiors, safety, and security of location. But these are usually complimentary of what the buyers want, as for most, they look for beauty and price options which are much more competitive against other brands.

If you want to know what top qualities buyers look for in a custom home builder here are some of them.

They use quality materials:

It seems pretty straight forward that clients, buyers, and customers will always look for quality materials being used to make their ultimate dream home. For custom home builders, using quality materials at the time of building determines your experience and level of skills. The knowledge and advantages of high-quality materials for a homebuild help you to stand out from the competition.

Sam Mizrahi the president of luxury real estate firm Mizrahi Developments, is a firm believer of building residences that can be customized to meet the needs of owners and building structures that owners would be proud to call home.

The portfolio of homes to show:

When searching for a homebuilder, buyers will want to see a portfolio of your past projects. Your work experience isn’t enough, since buyers will want to actually see your work.  It’s always a good idea to keep a working portfolio that will allow you to showcase your best construction.

Experienced team:

Buyers always look at how good a home is built with the developer on the line and his work team experience. Another key to look for is the builder’s design flexibility since some builders confine themselves to modifying existing plans, projects. Plus, your work team should suffice on developing the type of home your buyer needs at most exactly. This often results in a home that is merely close to your dream home.

The key design experience:

Your buyer should be able to understand your vision from the interiors, exterior design and functionality. Your buyers will always look at all of their options and then decide which one to buy, so make sure that your designs stand out from the competition.


You can never know what a potential buyer is going to want before working with them. By checking their choices and matching their experience up with former customers, you can help provide important information that can guide them in their decision process. Make sure to reach out to them and assure them that you are willing to work with them to build the home of their dreams.