9 Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Khelplay Rummy App


If you like to play online rummy, then surely you would want to have some good company along wit play with. Of course, when on the gaming platform, you are pitched against random members live at the moment. But what if you can have your friends instead to play with? Does not that sound like a fetching prospect? You can register on the Khelplay Rummy App, which allows you to add members on the application via invites. Below we have listed a guide on how you can introduce this playing card app to your folks.

  1. Connect with Acquaintances and Friends

If you intend to let your friends know how to play rummy, then you need to firstly connect with them. Call them up, drop a text, start a casual conversation. Ask them about their hobbies, and tell them about your favourite pastime. Here, you can talk about card games. Talk more about the game and get the opposite person interested in it. Then you can offer them help to learn about the same. Ensure the discussion is not abrupt. So, speak about different topics along as well. If you are talking to a friend after a long time, then you can directly approach them that it will be great to connect over a few card games.

  1. Talk About Favourite Card Games

Other than a rummy game, you can also discuss on different playing cards such as Black Jack, Poker, etc. Initiate a proper conversation about these games so that they are convinced. They should be after all, wanting to play the game with you. The love you have for rummy will definitely make them feel to try the game out for themselves. Draw them in with explanation of how you tackled a difficult situation and won over opponents. Tell them about the benefits of playing this game. Especially, explain how easy it is to learn the tricks and the way it can keep them engaged for hours together without getting bored.

  1. Invite Them to Play Along

Now, it is the time to invite them for a game. If you are on the rummy app, then invite them via a referral link or code. As per the referral program, you may be entitled for additional point winnings if the referral registers successfully. Even the newly registered person will get few points. These additions can be utilized to play a greater number of cash games on the website or application itself. In turn, the invited members can also add a greater number of players from their own circle. This way, the social circle can keep expanding, and you will have several known faces to play along with on the application.

  1. Introduce Them to the Skillset

If your friends are new to the game, then ask them to participate in free rummy games. These are for practice and have no stakes. It denotes that no money will be charged to play the game. Also, these do not have rounds. These are simple games for one time. There is no time limit usually and the game may go on until it reaches an end result.The members will be able to refill the practice chips at no cost, once these get exhausted. Playing practice games frequently will help hone their skillset required for a win. Some of the skills to improve for the play are focus, concentration, attention, observation, mathematical calculations, mood control, etc.

  1. Explain the Rules and Tricks

When on the gaming platform, make the person aware of rummy rules and tricks. These are crucial not just for a win but a smooth playing experience. If you play by the norms, then you will be able to quickly grasp the strategies. Again, practice games are the best to know about these guidelines and tips. You can also show them around the site, letting the friends know which are the suitable tourneys and cash games to take up next. Let the friend know that how important forming a pure sequence is. The discuss about forming impure sequences and sets, how to use Joker, and other requirements.

  1. Have a Competition Online

On Khelplay Rummy, you can access online games and competitions for cards, time and again. Everyday you will be in for loads of surprises. You can check your dashboard for the tourneys you have signed up for. You will also receive notifications of available cash games, and other offers. Look out for attractive options during festivals and holidays. This is the time when huge rewards are provided for high stake tournaments.

  1. Benefits of App Games

There are several benefits of playing rummy online on application. Firstly, you can play on-the-move. If you have a compatible device handy, you can operate the installed application anytime.Also, you can access the games 24 x 7. So, whenever you feel like taking some time out with your favourite pastime, all you have to do is login to the app. Referral programs, loyalty points, special contests and tourneys are some of the other facilities you get on the app.

  1. Form Your Own Social Circle Here

With friends onboard on the same platform, you can form your own social circle now. You can live the ultimate rummy experience with people you know. Play against them, and challenge for new games. You may even come across random players who are online at the time you look out for a game. Just like how playing in physical company of known people holds a thrill, so will playing on the internet will have with your folks. So, you can use the web for expanding on your gameplay along with members on the app.

  1. Go for Tournaments

Once you are well versed with Indian Rummy gameplay, it is time to choose tournaments. These are especially for expert players. The tourneys have several rounds. To go to the next round, you have to cross the previous one. This way, you will move to the finale. At the end of each round, assuming that you are in the winning circle, you will receive a cash award. You will also get the winning amount if you win the finale round. Now you maybe allowed to utilize the monetary prize to play additional games on the site, or transfer to a bank account. You may be able to even purchase merchandize with the points from a partnered store.

To Sum it Up

It is fun to play card games after all. And when you get your friends as company, then the fun is even greater. You can get your folks involved in playing rummy in several ways as suggested above. If you cannot get their physical presence, you can always switch to online gaming with a rummy application or website. It is easy to download the app. Visit an app store and check out the application by the firm you signed up for, and download it. Sign up with your credentials and take a tour around the platform. Then you can begin with practice games, before moving to higher challenges.