Bookmaking Options with the Right Choices in Betting


The odds of the exact results are among the highest in circulation. Most bookmakers quote all possible outcomes of a game from 0-0 to 4-4; usually, from 5 goals up by a single team, the other results are contained in the item “Other”. Considering the multiplier guaranteed by this type of play, it is often a smart move to bet on more than one plausible result for a given match.

Calculating the number of goals: betting options

Another type of bet in which many indulge themselves is that concerning the more or less exact number of markings that will be seen during the 90 minutes of a game. That’s how:

Over / Under

It is enough to identify a number of goals and imagine if more or less goals than those hypothesised will be made. The most used are the Over and the Under 2,5, so if respectively a team scores more and less than the two goals the game will be a winner. Obviously it is possible to challenge fate by predicting, for example, a goalless game with the Under 0.5 or a good goleada with Over 3.5, Over 4.5 and so on. The Over and Under are also applicable to the goals of the home team and the visiting team only during the match or in one of the two regular and / or extra periods.

Even odd

Here it is mainly luck to decide for the punter. You simply have to guess whether the total number of goals in a game will be odd or even. The payout is so stochastic that the two odds are always identical. If you are not particularly well-versed or inspired, it is best to avoid.

Goal / No Goal

Regarding the goals, it is also possible to bet on the hypothesis that both teams will score, regardless of how the game will end, with the Goal sign, often abbreviated as GG. A match that ends with at least one of the two teams in white responds instead to the No Goal sign, abbreviated to NG: it is the ideal choice if there is a team on the pitch that scores very little (just think of the less renowned nationals that are unwillingly forced only to undergo caravans of goals during championship stops).

Total goals

There is talk of 먹튀검증 betting on the exact number of goals that will be scored during the game , adding up the goals scored by both teams.

Italian and international football leagues to bet on

If you like football betting, follow our guides at the best odds and predictions for the major Italian and international leagues. Below you can access information such as the calendar of upcoming matches, results of previous matches as well as the odds of current matches for:

  • A league
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  • The other bets on football

There are so many games that can be played on football that it would be impossible to list them all, also because there are many that are not related to matches, but for example to the results of a tournament (for example, by guessing the winning team before the start of the tournament) or the results of particular situations within the world of football (such as a change of bench). Everything always varies according to the offers of the various bookmakers who offer the possibility to bet even online.