Cards Marker Ink To Cheat


Many people look for the professional card marker ink to mark cards themselves. What is the strength of marking cards?

The card marking methods should initially change small details on the back of the cards, but this is outdated, the professionals are trained and can easily grasp this marking. For this reason, the new card marking technology was developed, which is the luminous card marking.

Luminous ink is the most professional and newest way to mark cards. This magically glowing ink is invisible to the naked eye, and only with the glowing ink reader can you see the clear markings on the back of the invisible cards marked with ink. In a word, the card marker color is the best way to mark cards to this day.

Why is the card marking so magical? The infrared ink is a magical special compound that can burn into the playing cards. After marking it, it will keep the life of the poker cards and will not fade. Using this bright ink recipe to mark cards is very convenient and quick. With the glowing invisible ink IR light, you can mark all kinds of playing cards based on a red base paper to cheat or deceive people on different occasions.

The power of the card marker ink is the power to cheat and deceive your opponent in entertainment or gambling playing poker cards.

Marked Cards with Contact Lenses

These marked cards contact lenses are suitable for every eye, and it is so soft that you can wear them comfortably. No matter what color your eyes are, after wearing the infrared contact lenses, it won’t change your eye color, you can see the environment almost the natural color.

We have developed a wide range of playing card contact lenses just for you with a reasonable price at, these card game cheat contact lenses are made in excellent quality and will find the most suitable one.