Most Efficient Options In Winning With Bandar Ceme


It’s always good to throw the carts when you can, as they only have one number on them, so there’s less chance they can be discarded compared to others that have two numbers on the piece.As the tiebreaker criterion takes into account the point count of the piece, whenever possible choose to play the larger pieces to leave the smaller ones in your hand, increasing the chances of your partner in the tiebreaker.

Make Your Turns

In Bandar Ceme when on your turn, you have pieces that can be played on both ends, always try to play on the same end that your rivals have just played. There is a greater chance that they do not have pieces with the value of the other end and so it is worth not touching it to try to trap them at both ends and make them pass their turn.

Make the Turn Come

Count each round the pieces of each type (0, 1, 2, and 6) that are on the table. This way you know how many pieces of each type are in the hands of other players because for each type of piece there are 7 units present in the game. Remember to discount the pieces that are in your hand! The most common types of pieces on the table are the rarest in players’ hands.

Using the above technique you can tell when there is only one piece of one type left in the hands of others. If you know you’re not with your partner, then you’re with one of your opponents. Eventually, if this “rival” piece is a cart and in turn this type is at one end of the table with you having a piece of this value in hand (the sixth, as five are on the table and the cart is in your rival’s hands ), you can throw it and hold the cart in your rival’s hand. In this round, he won’t be able to win because he won’t be able to play his cart anymore.

Choose the Tiebreaker Point

Whenever a player passes the turn, memorize which values ​​are on the edge. You can use this information to relock your rivals or help your partner not to crash.

If you have few and low pieces in hand, sometimes it pays to lock the table to make the tie-breaker. Use the tiebreaker to your advantage and get 1 point.

Use emoticons to signal your partner and communicate in a subtle way. These tips can provide relevant data for you to help each other in the match, after all this is a doubles game. But don’t be obvious in your signals as the rival pair is also watching and could end up picking up important information about your hand.

Likewise, since the rival pair can see your signals, bluff by passing wrong hints about your hand. The confusion you create can lead your rivals to play the piece you just want.

Last Word

Although the online version is not a face-to-face game, that is, you don’t see the physical reaction of other players as they play, you can capture the status of each one by small and subtle signals. Either because a player spent move thinking too much, took too long to play or played too fast, or stopped sending messages in chat or started using a lot of emoticons. Anyway, these behavior changes can give you hints about the type of hand each player is in. Read your opponents!