Parx Casino Gets Rolling with Pennsylvania Craps


The thrilling game of craps can now be played online at Parx Casino. Pennsylvania Craps online is now legal to play for real money. Any resident that is over the age of 21 can play. Parx Casino has established itself as a leader in online craps games with both free and paid versions.

Introducing Craps

Craps is the popular dice game that all casino players are familiar with. In a live casino the craps pit is an area where you will hear the excited shouts of players as the dice are rolled.

In craps large sums of money can be won or lost with blazing speed. When you play the virtual version of game at Parx Casino you are able to slow down the pace of the game to your own liking.

A Variety of Craps Games Online

Players today have access to many types of craps games that can be played with a computer or a mobile device. Online craps can be played for free, or the game can be played in Pennsylvania for real money.

Some betting venues offer generous odds bets on online craps. In this variety of the game the player is allowed to place a bet behind the pass line once a point has been established.

At Parx Casino there are free craps games, real money Pennsylvania craps, and also online craps games with odds.

How to Play Pennsylvania Craps

It is very easy to play craps online in Pennsylvania. A good place to start is with a Parx Casino account. Signing up is easy and Parx also offers bonuses to new players. Once an account has been created the player can fund it and play craps for real money.

Players select the virtual craps game from the online casino lobby. Once the game has begun the player will click parts of the display to make bets and roll the dice. The game begins with players making a line bet that is at least equal to the table minimum.

A player can bet that their roll will pass or not pass. To pass means to roll a 7 or an 11 on the come out roll. If a player rolls Snake Eyes, or a double 1, means that the player has crapped out. Rolling a 3 or a 12 on the first roll also means the player loses. Any other number rolled must be rolled again for the player to pass. A number of proposition or field bets can be made at any time a roll is in progress.

Real Money Craps Vs. Free-to-Play Craps

At Parx Casino it is possible to play Pennsylvania Craps for real money if the player is over the age of 21. Those who are 17 or older can play free craps games online.

The advantage of playing craps for real money is obvious. Players are able to cash out their winnings to a bank account. In free craps the money used to bet is virtual. It cannot be withdrawn as actual winnings.

There are some small advantages to playing free craps online. Players who have no experience with the game can use free craps to learn how to place bets. They can also get a feel for how the betting is conducted without having to risk any real money.

Parx Casino has become one of the major online betting venues for Pennsylvania residents. You can get started playing craps today with your computer, phone, or mobile device.