The Daiwa Legacy 4: Features That Will Make You Say “Wow” This Cyber Monday


If you’re looking for a Cyber Monday massage chair sales 2020 that’s more than just worth it, the Daiwa Legacy 4 is a clear frontrunner. Boasting the perfect combination of advanced technology and modern design, this sleek and incredibly functional massage chair is truly fit for anyone looking for luxury without the super steep price tag. If powerful features and designer style is what you’re after, keep reading to find out what it’s store for you.

  • Heated Compression Leg Massage

It’s a no-brainer that massage chairs cater to more than just your back. But have you encountered a heated compression leg massage feature? The Legacy 4 has an advanced, full-featured leg rest with thermal calf and knee massage that moves from the ankles to the knees while using heat and the gentle modulation of the airbag. It stretches tendons and soothes painful inflammation, perfect for the most injury-prone spot in our body.

  • Undulating Airbag Foot Massage

Most Black Friday masage chair November sale come equipped with airbag massage systems, but this one has it powerful enough and does it with an alternating pattern, relieving tension while improving circulation. It also has built-in grips that gently hold your ankles in place.

  • 3D Massage Rollers

These aren’t just ordinary 3D rollers. The Legacy 4 is designed with Daiwa’s next-generation 3D massage rollers that move in multiple directions, allowing it to move while following the natural contours of your body. It comes with up to five intensity levels for you to choose from so you get that ultimate full-body massage experience.

  • Extendable Pillow

Not all massage chairs have pillows, let alone functioning ones. With Daiwa Legacy 4 massage chairs, the headrest cushion can easily convert into a back pillow, adding an extra layer of padding between your body and the rollers. It also tucks away neatly when not in use.

  • Surround Sound Speaker

One of the main reasons most people purchase a massage chair is generally for relaxation. It’s a comfortable place to rest into while giving your body that physical treat of bliss. But there’s one more way to enjoy your massage, and that’s tuning into your favorite, calming music. With the Legacy 4, you get high-quality speakers mounted at your ears for that surround sound experience. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, so it’s convenient. Plus, choosing the “Rythmn” massage mode makes the chair work your muscles in sync with whatever it is you’re playing. If that’s not cool, we sure don’t know what else is.

  • Advanced Remote

To cap off the features, let’s dive into the advanced remote. It’s not your typical device with only a few buttons for power and choosing massage modes. This one has a tapping feature that you can activate or not, a multi-language hand-held remote, plus a seamless navigation among program options. Basically, what you might want to access, you’ll find it in the advanced remote.

Final Word

Choosing on investing your hard-earned money for takes ample research and figuring out what you need to gain from it. Consider the massage modes, ease of functionality, convenience, and then style, and you’ll certainly end up with a chair you’ll cherish for years to come.