Three Important Spot Checks for Tractors


Getting the most out of your tractor is important to the success of your farm. Every day, perform a quick visual inspection of your tires, quick connectors and articulation point to make sure your tractor is ready to go.


Now that it is time to bring your tractor out after a long winter, you need to inspect your tires. This includes checking the pressure and looking for signs of any damage or wear. Once your tires have had a full inspection you are ready to go. However, every day you should do a quick walk around your tractor looking for any new spots of wear or damage to make sure your tires are ready for work.

Quick Connectors  

Once you have finished your tire check, start looking at the quick connect tractor attachments. These quick connectors are exposed to the same dirt, mud and debris as the rest of your tractor, and need to be cleaned regularly. As you do your inspection, look for areas where the seal may be damaged or failing, and always look that they have the lubrication they need to function. This simple check can save you time and money down the road.

Articulation Point 

Finally, you don’t want to have issues with the articulation point on your tractor. This point is always moving and you want to see that it is properly greased. As you do your inspection, look for metal shards in this area as these can indicate wear or improper maintenance. Take the time each day to do a quick check to see if this important part of your tractor is in the shape it needs to be to get the job done.

A well-maintained tractor performs better and lasts longer. Keep your tractor in the best shape possible, with small maintenance checks every day.