Types Of Fire Damage


Fire Damage

There are many ways a fire can start and the damage that can occur when a fire starts. The fire damage in Kansas City deals with fires in a specific manner. The first thing is identifying the class of fire damage.

These classes are classified alphabetically. The first which is a class A fire damage is the result is the cause of combustion due to a combustible solid. This may include paper, plastics, rubber, wood, and cloth. The second class B is a fire that involves combustible liquids such as gasoline, petrol, alcohol, and cooking oils are exempt from this class. 

The third class which is C is a fire that involves gases such as hydrogen, propane, butane, and natural gas. The fourth class which is D is a fire involving metals such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The fifth class which is E is a fire involving the results of class A and B combined. The last class which is F is a fire involving cooking oils. These fires tend to be much hotter than those in B resulting in more damage and danger.

The most common fires that happen in the USA are kitchen fires, electrical fire, heater fire, and smoke related fire. Kitchen fires usually occur due to an inexperienced chef or not paying enough attention and leaving the cooking unattended. 

Grease fires are the most common due to the oil and its combustible nature. Electrical fires are the result of poor electrical wiring. Also misusing electrical outlets and worn out breaker boxes. Older homes are at a higher risk of this because as time goes on the wires tend to degrade causing sparks to ignite. Heater fires happen due to a short in the outlet causing sparks. 

This happens with portable electrical heaters and other ways is the putting the heater close to solid combustibles can result in catching on fire. The last cause is smoke related fires and this happens due to laziness. Not properly putting out cigarettes are forgetting about them. The amber of the cigarette ash can also cause solid combustibles to ignite causing the fire.

When a fire occurs and your home is insured the insurance company will first determine if the fire was primary or secondary. Primary fires are those that ignited with a direct flame. The secondary category is those fires that are started due to smoke or corrosive substances. Secondary can account for the vast majority in a home fire.

 Home fires are very rare but can still occur. There are many ways to arm commercial buildings and homes with the right equipment to help prevent fires. This equipment such as fire detectors, ceiling sprinklers, and fire extinguishers are great tools to have in the household or commercial buildings. The ceiling sprinklers can help prevent damage and help extinguish the fire. Most commercial buildings in the USA have ceiling sprinklers. Also firefighters take with schools and business buildings to find the best way to evacuate the premises. 


Also in all public buildings there are fire extinguishers and these are used when the fire first begins. If the fire is already big as the home or building the extinguisher won’t do much this will need the attention from the fire department. The fire department in Wayne county will be there to assist fire damage Western Wayne County. There are many ways to help prevent fires and by being aware of potential fire precautions is the first measure to take in fire prevention.