Top 3 Clean Energy Tips For Your Texas Home


Clean Energy Living


Clean energy living can affect the environment and your pocketbook in a very positive way. Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle can affect your life greatly. There are many very small changes that can make a big difference for you. If you are living in Texas, taking on a healthier and greener way of living can help save the world and save you some money. Try these easy tips to maintain a greener lifestyle and utilize clean energy in Texas.

Switch to LED. No matter what the light bulb is in your home, there is an LED option. LED options last much longer so you don’t have to replace the bulbs as often. They also burn energy more efficiently so that you don’t use as much electricity to run them.

Make sure that anything in your home that uses a filter from a humidifier to a furnace is cleaned regularly. Dirty filters cause things to run inefficiently. And dirty filters cause damage to the systems and can cause them to have problems. Also, maintaining all the equipment around your home such as your furnace or air conditioner can help you avoid problems down the road and help things run more efficiently.

Utilize your shades. Use your shades on your home to open or close them depending on the season to naturally warm and cool your home. Also, opening your shades on the east side of your house can help warm your house naturally. Other ways to naturally cool your home is to keep your shades open and use them sparingly. Only close them at night to keep the cool or heat in.


Turn things off and un plug things. By un plugging things such as toasters, cell phone chargers and microwaves, you can save yourself a lot of energy that they are utilizing in the back ground. Also, your cell phone really only requires about an hour to charge. So any more time that it is plugged in is only going to cause wear on your phone and cost you extra in electricity costs.


Wear sweaters and jackets even when inside. Utilize light sweaters so that you can keep your house at a cooler temperature during the winter months can save you a lot of electricity or gas. It also reduces the wear and tear on your furnace and allows your home to run more efficiently. So not only do you save the planet but you also save yourself some money.


Use your washer correctly. For things that you can, wash in cold or room temperature water. Not only will this reduce the wear on your clothing but also it will reduce the electricity needed to wash the load. Along with that, use a cooler setting on your dryer and if you can dry on a drying rack rather than in a dryer. This saves the electricity that the dryer utilizes to dry the clothing.




If you are looking to have clean energy in Texas then consider taking these few pieces of advice. A cleaner running home is more efficient and can help your bills be lower each month. Along with that, it can help save the earth and make a difference for many issues happening today such as global warming. Although it seems like your touch would be small, if everyone would take these few pieces of advice it can make a huge difference on the entire world. Check out and try these few tips.