What to Look for While Shopping for A Bean Bag?


Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a modern interior either at home or work without modern portable accents. Bean bags have not only conquered our homes but have also spilled out to public spaces. When they first hit the market, the majority of their vendors only operated online purely making anyone interested in buying them, to rely on the posted photos. This was a scary pursuit as you would buy a bean bag from an unknown site, an untested product, and also because you would be spending an enormous amount of money on the purchase.

This has changed and now there are upcoming physical furniture shops that sell bean bags near me in store, where you can go see the product, test it and decide on what goes with your interior design theme. Before you go ahead and purchase the bean bag of your dream, here are some things to look out for:

  • Purpose and Design: A lot of us make purchases based on our emotions and later on come to realize the functionality of the bean bags. This is a major factor to consider, for it will determine the cover materials for the bean bags you end up choosing. Bean bags are usually made from soft polyester mostly used for indoor purposes or artificial leather which can be used for both indoor or outdoor purposes. If a bean bag is for carrying around for games, the pear-shaped ones are recommended. The L-shaped or those that look like an armchair are recommended for the living room or workspace.
  • Is it double-layered or single-layer? -This should be the first query to ask while shopping for bean bags, so you know how much you will be exposing yourself to in case of damage. For the single-layered ones, it would mean in the instance that it got torn by accident, all the contents of the bean bag would spill. For the double-layered, the outer cover would be taking up all the wear and tear without affecting the inner cover. This also means that you can take out the covers to wash or change them to different colors as you want. The double-layered ones are the most preferred but the choice is yours.
  • Bean bag filling and fabric: There are several materials used as fillings for bean bags but the most common are polystyrene beads or polyurethane foam. Polystyrene beads are great as they make the bean bags light and easy to move around. Over time they break up and end up requiring a refill which is an additional cost. Polyurethane foam is super soft and comfy and never breaks so it does not need a refill. It however is very heavy making it difficult to move around the house. Fabric is also an important factor to look out for, so don’t shy away from asking for swatch samples so you can choose a good and strong fabric for your bean bags.

Armed with this knowledge, shopping for your perfect and ideal bean bag should be an easy task.