10 Ultimate Steps To Start A Freelancing Business


Multiple businesses had to lay off their employees during the coronavirus pandemic as they were forced to reduce their expenses to ride out the pandemic. The laid-off employees had no choice but to look for alternative sources of income. One way that people solved their income problem is by offering freelance virtual assistant services to businesses in need.

Businesses can benefit from cheaper labor when hiring freelancers since they’re only paid according to their hours, especially when hiring from virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. The Philippines’ labor costs are much lower compared to that of other countries, making the country an attractive source of freelancers.

Filipino freelancers can start their business by first defining their goals, looking for a lucrative niche, identifying their target clients, pricing their services, building an online portfolio, showing sample services in the portfolio, choosing the first clients, mentioning target clients in personal content, learning to pitch to clients, and keeping their day jobs.

Starting freelancers must do what they can to avoid competing with veteran freelancers on their frequented platforms. Looking for their own niche and clients through referrals is ideal for having a different focus than other freelancers.

For more information, see this infographic by OVA Virtual.