3 Common Domestic Water Leaks That Can Result In Serious Water Damage

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When caught early enough water leaks are manageable and further damage can be prevented. Sometimes they are obvious like a pipe bursts, your water bill goes up drastically, or you might notice some dampness under your kitchen sink. However, sometimes leaks start in areas that are not visible thus they are hard to detect until the damage has already begun. There are times when it’s just out of our control. You may need to contact Los Angeles disaster recovery services for help. Below are three of the most common domestic water leaks.

Bursting or Leaking Pipes

A very common cause of household leaks and water damage are pipes that are old and damaged. When they age, they can also become rusty, Rust can eat away at and weaken your pipes and cause them to crack. There is also a risk of a pipe bursting. There are several reasons why a pipe might burst. When a pipe becomes clogged and pressure builds up there is a possibility it could burst. The weather is a huge factor. Sometimes in the winter, when the temperatures drop to freezing or below freezing pipes may freeze. Water expands when it freezes so often pipes will burst in this situation. Roots from trees outside of your home can also interfere with pipes and cause them to burst. If you notice wet patches in your yard or sinkholes forming, you might have a root issue. Leaking and bursting pipes can wreak havoc on your home creating water damage and mold.

Plumbing Issues

Faulty pipe connections in your house’s plumbing system backed up toilets, and clogged pipes can lead to leaks, overflowing, and even bursts. Sometimes these pipes are not visible, they are in your walls, and by the time you realize there is a leak the damage is already done. Water has pooled and ruined walls and created mold.

Faulty or Malfunctioning Appliances

Cracked hoses that connect to dishwashers, washer machines, and hot water heaters are the cause of many domestic leaks. Sometimes they are not noticeable until they are large, and tons of water is gushing out. By this point, a huge mess is created ruining floors, walls, and surrounding areas. Washer machine drains can become clogged with lint and cause a back up as well. Pipes may loosen as a washer shakes during its spin cycle and create a leak.

There are several ways you can prevent leaks in your home. Inspect the pipes in your home often. If you notice one is looking rusty or is starting to leak a bit, replace it. This could save you the huge headache of having to hire Los Angeles disaster recovery services to clean up the damage it would create if left unattended. If you notice a lot of tree roots on your property or sinkholes starting to form it might be wise to remove the trees before a root ends up bursting one of your pipes. If you live in an area where the temperatures drop to freezing or below, wrap pipes in heat tape so that when the temps drop your pipes will not freeze. Another way to help prevent pipes from freezing is to let a few faucets drip so that the water is not standing still and will not freeze. Make sure to maintain and replace the caulking around tubs and toilets. Keep bolts around toilets tightened so your toilet does not rock.

If you have done all of these things and still have an issue with a leak and water damage it might be time to call the professionals!