3 Important Areas to Upgrade Before Selling Your Home


Homeowners don’t notice a lot of the wear and tear that happens on their property. But when you start to consider putting it on the market, the reality becomes clearer. You become aware that there is a lot to fix and clean up.

These all cost time and money, so you need to prioritize. Here are some for the most cost-effective home repairs to boost your property value.


No one wants to feel too hot or too cold in the comforts of their own home, especially if they just bought it, so checking your heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system is a must when selling your home. Make sure that your HVAC system is clean, free of leaks, and is in good working order, and that the thermostat is operating properly. This also involves your water heater, which has to be in good working order, without any leaks, and with all pipes insulated.

If you are unsure about inspecting your HVAC system on your own, HVAC technicians can help you. Hire them to perform a tune-up and provide an assessment of your system’s condition. Local specialists are best suited to look into and repair your HVAC system, since they would be familiar with the local climate. If you live in Northern Utah, for example, and your water isn’t working properly, you may contact technicians that perform hot water heater repair in Salt Lake City.


Home buyers often look for a large, spacious kitchen with new appliances, where they can comfortably cook and entertain guests. But even if your kitchen may not meet these standards, you don’t need costly renovations and achieve a “dream kitchen” to boost your property value. Instead, invest in minor repairs to make your kitchen more inviting.

Paint your kitchen as necessary. Install new fixtures and update your countertops to trendy and sturdy materials, such as granite and marble. As for the appliances, buyers expect them to, at least, work properly, and be brand new at most. If your dishwasher, oven, or range is in awful shape or out of operation, have it replaced. 


Great lighting makes even the quaintest space seem open and inviting. Maximize the perception of space by taking advantage of the wide range of lighting options available in the market. There are a lot of online resources for the proper ways to light up different spaces, and you can find affordable lighting options online, as well.

Take time to analyze your current space, and try to find ways to improve the lighting. If your light fixtures are dated, perhaps it’s time to replace them with something that would enhance the appearance of your space. You should also consider natural lighting and ditch the heavy drapes for light colored curtains that allow sunlight into the room.

Invest in your home to sell it at its best value. This does not mean breaking the bank. You only have to learn which systems, spaces, and features to prioritize, so when you have found a buyer, you know you have sold it for an amount that covers even the sentimental value of your home.