3 Reasons Summer Camp is Educational for Your Child


If you have toyed with the notion of sending your child off to summer camp, you are by no means alone.

Many parents will tell you that sending their kids to camp is one of the better moves they’ve made over the years.

With that in mind, are you thinking summer camp would be a good experience for your child this coming summer?

Think of the Benefits to Attending Summer Camp

If camp has piqued the interest of your kid for the summer, here are three reasons to send your child to summer camp:

  1. Educational – Your son or daughter can learn a lot by even a short period of time at camp. The summer camp opportunities they get will help them in a myriad of ways. From learning or refining skills to being away from home, they can get a good education in a short period of time. While some children are a little shy about learning new things, encourage your kid to be open to learning. They may come home having picked up a new skill or two. That can then be used when they head back to school in the fall in some instances.
  2. Bonding – A child can never have enough friends. Given childhood is a difficult time for some, having others along for the ride can make a big difference. So, be sure to encourage your kid to be open to making some new friends. If they are on the shy side, camp can open some doors and break down some of those walls in the process. Once camp is over, your child does not have to fret that those short-term friendships will come to an end. With the Internet or if they live close by, your child can carry on those friendships should they choose to.
  3. Independence – Some kids take longer than others to gain independence in growing up. That said how independent would you say your child is now? If they could stretch their wings a little bit more, being away at summer camp can always help. You may see a little or even big difference in your kid when they return home from the experience. While you always want them to rely on you to a degree, don’t be afraid to let them grow a little bit while away from your view.

Do Your Research

One of your main if not the top goal when trying to select a summer camp is to find the one best suited for your kid’s needs.

So, take the time to go online and research the various summer camps you might think would be good for your kid.

You may focus on how long a camp has been around. You want one that has a long track record of providing opportunities for kids in the summer. You might also look for one that is not too far of a drive from your home.

At the end of the day, research is key to getting your child in the right camp.

Along with the Internet, talk to parents you are friendly with. See where they may have sent their children in the summer.

In educating your child at summer camp, know that he or she is in for the time of their lives.