3 Room Tent With Screened Porch


The present hectic life style and the ongoing pandemic have made family time very much rare and precious. This is why more and more people are now trying find activities in which they can indulge with their groups or family members. And outdoor tent camping is one such fun activity in which you can include your whole gang.

For this, there are multiple options like having multiple tents or choosing large camping tents with rooms. A lot of times, people prefer having one big tent as it allows them the required balance of privacy and proximity. This is because tents also have different partitions and rooms. So, you can even create different sections inside your tent. There are also some factors which help you choose tents for camping.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the 3 room tent with screened porch that will make your camping trip with friends and family very much memorable. Let’s get started!

  • Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent: The name itself of this tent gives some important details about this tent. It is a large family cabin-tent which can easily accommodate 6-14 person, but maximum 12 will be advised if you want to have some free space. It has 6 windows for awesome air-circulation. However, it takes some time for set-up. The entire tent and its floor are water-resistant but has no bathroom floor.
  • Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 screened Tent: This tent is a bit smaller in size but can easily fit 6 people. The quality is also unmatchable. The porch is probably of 9 feet by 6 feet, providing a very space to lounge. It also in cabin style with 20-feet long walls and about 7 feet high ceiling. The door is hinged for quick and easy entry-exit. The wall switch and the LED Light System make it one of the most desirable tents in its category. The set-up is also indescribably easy thanks to the colour-coded poles.
  • Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room: This tent resembles a house a lot and offers a luxurious stay option. It actually has 2 rooms but the divider, that comes with it, can be used to create a 3rd Apart from that, the ceiling of this tent is dome-shaped so tall people also can easily move around in it. The spacious interiors are also enough for about 11 people to sleep. The thermally sealed fabric provides a nice protection from the outside elements and is durable also. However, this tent needs some effort in set-up.

You can find different types of camping tents, varying in terms of shape, fabric, pouches, set-up, etc. And each of these features can be an advantage or disadvantage based on your needs. So, it is always advisable to gather maximum information, compare them with your requirements and then make the final selection.