4 Adjustments You Need to Make in Your Morning Routine


A lot of us pick up rituals before going to school of work. Since most classes and office hours have a schedule, it will not be surprising if you start to adapt habits during your preparation. You will start by alarming your phone at a time that gives you enough to prepare for your commitments. You will then start to come up with time limits on your shower and breakfast. Eventually, a morning routine will be forming from your actions. However, not every ritual can provide you with a routine that makes sure that you are in top shape before heading out to work or school. Here are a few adjustments you should make to help you prepare in the morning:

Do Not Touch Your Phone

A lot of people search behind their pillows and blankets to look at their phones upon waking up. However, the only interaction you must have with the device should be about turning off the alarm. People often sink into social media and news reports before getting out of bed. Five minutes might be enough, but others find themselves losing track of time. When the phone starts to become a distraction, you might go behind schedule and rush into every ritual in your morning routine. The stressful preparation will not help you throughout the rest of the day. You need to stay away from your phone until you finish every part of your routine.

Avoid Rushing

There are times when you wake up way past your alarm. You will be rushing every ritual because you do not want to be late for work. The rushed feeling is not good for your body, especially when you just got out of bed. If you try to stand up before your body knows you’re awake, you might lose your balance and get a bit dizzy. You need to get up slowly and sit for a while before doing your morning routine. The practice allows you to gather your thoughts on the activities for the day.

Constantly Switch Water Temperature on Shower

When we adopt a habit, our body starts to adjust to the point where it becomes the norm. Our usual coffee will not be as effective as our first try. If you fail to make changes in your morning routine, you might start to encounter problems waking up and preparing for the day. You should consider trying to switch from cold to hot water during your bath. A warm bath will provide you with the relaxing feeling you need if you are trying to rush your morning ritual. A cold shower can help wake you up and help you stay alert. The water heater might suffer from wear and tear if you use it every day. You can hire a company that provides services for water heater repair in Salt Lake City.

Always Start with a Healthy and Heavy Breakfast

A lot of people often skip breakfast to get a head start in their morning routines. Some will settle for a cup of coffee to provide them with the much-needed energy to start the day. However, there is no better energy booster than a healthy breakfast. The preparation might be time-consuming, but eating a heavy meal in the morning will be your best bet in sustaining the energy you need during work.

Morning routines form because of the actions you make when you wake up. However, the first attempts might not be perfect fits for your lifestyle. When you try a few changes, you will be able to form the best morning ritual to help you conquer your day.