5 Crucial Leadership Skills to Help You Run Your Business Better


Leadership is both an art and a skill. While most leaders are naturally acclimated to inspiring and leading, every person who wishes to lead must and should have certain specific skills. These skills define their leadership and whether it will be effective. Running a business requires business acumen, but great leadership can make up for average business skills.

Here are 5 crucial leadership skills which define whether or not your business will succeed and continue to succeed:


In communicating with team members or with other businesspersons, certain skills are required as one cannot communicate with everyone in the same manner. To convey information efficiently and correctly, communication skills play a major role. Research has proven that when asked to do a certain job in a  gentle manner, the person is mentally able to perform the job outstandingly and when ordered to do something, a block is born which prevents the worker from performing to their best ability.

Learning Mindset:

Learning has to go on. A CEO and a plant worker have this in common. Neither of them can stop learning if they wish to improve and move forward. A learning mindset means to find a lesson in every loss and win, to keep learning new skills and never remain stagnant. Learning should be a constant part of the business practice, so as to create a persona of learning

Time Management:

Time management goes far beyond being punctual. It includes keeping time on every task and establishing a pattern of timeliness every single day from the top tier of management to the very last worker. This skill ensures appreciation from customers and respect from all individuals which makes for a great business leader. Productivity is a direct result of time management and therefore promoting continual success.

Talking about Time Management, a person from whom inspiration can be taken is Eric SchaerEric Schaer has over 20 years of experience in the areas of international finance and private investment.


Delegating is a skill most leaders find difficult and often ignore. Being a great leader means knowing when to share the load. In a business, where several matters of importance arise every day, the delegation is what ensures stability and efficiency. It also promotes growth of small leaders within the business. Micromanaging should be frowned upon as it results in chaos, inefficiency and a lack of team spirit.

Building Relationships:

No business can grow without support or thrive without competition. Relationships play a key role here. Whether it is the relationship between the boss and the workers or between two business partners or even business competitors, lack of such relationships hinder the growth and success of the business. A good leader must learn to build and maintain such relationships. A good business relationship is always heaving rewards. The reward might be valuable business information or maybe just support in tough times.

“Good leaders are supportive and are truly concerned about the well-being of others” says Alexandra Twin, Former associate producer/senior writer at CNNMoney.

There are several more skills that a business leader must possess, but without these five, the business cannot succeed. These skills emphasize success in every step and create an environment of constant growth and efficiency. Running a business is not difficult as you can run it into the ground too, but growing a business is difficult and an arsenal of these 5 skills can make a huge impact.