5 Things to Check When Buying Snowboards for Sporting Events


If you love being outdoors in winter, snowboarding is the perfect sport for you to enjoy the thick snow on hard-charging verticals.

Buying a snowboard online can be intimidating, especially when you are new to the sport. Choosing the right snowboard to match your ability level and style demands extensive research and shopping.

Not all snowboards are the same. You can find dozens of options on the market, ranging from all-mountain boards to freestyle boards. It would help if you considered buying a snowboard that enables you to improve your riding skills.

Here is a comprehensive guide to give you the knowledge you need to choose the right snowboard for your sporting event.

Snowboard Type

To determine the required board type for a sporting event, you need to consider the terrain where it will take place and your riding style. You have plenty of options for board types, like the all-mountain, directional, and freeride boards.

With several snowboard brands coming up with cutting edge features, you can get a snowboard that suits a wide range of environments.

Board Length

The experienced all-mountain riders prefer longer boards, while the freestyle riders opt for shorter boards for aerial maneuverability.

You can check the ideal board length by comparing it with your height, to see if the board length reaches somewhere between your nose and your chin.

However, you cannot decide by just this comparison. Your weight also matters. The more you weigh, the longer board you will need to balance you well on the board.

Board Width

To decide the right board width, you can check how your snowboard boots fit across the width of the board, extending slightly over the edge of the snowboard. It helps in good leverage required while turning.

With thin snowboards, your toes and heels will hang outside the board, making you lose control during the ride. If you have a broader board, you will have a hard time getting the snowboard from one edge to another.

Snowboard Camber and Rocker

When you place the snowboard down on the snow, you will notice a unique shape on the board’s sides. Either the middle rises off the snow, or remains flat against the snow.

The first shape, also called camber, delivers a stable ride. If you are speed-oriented, then the camber is an excellent choice.

The second alternative, with a flat middle, called the rocker, offers a surfy feel, making them popular among new riders.


Flex describes the flexibility level of a snowboard. You can choose a longitudinal flex or torsional flex, where the former is flexible lengthways and the latter width ways.

Also, be sure to check the flex ratings while buying a snowboard. On a scale of 1 to 10, you have flexes ranging from soft to stiff. For instance, if the sporting event features all-mountain riders, you will need a board with a flex rating between 4 and 7.

With the sport carving its path to the Olympics, snowboarding has risen in popularity as an enthralling action sport. Check out the above guide when you wish to purchase a snowboard for a sporting event that matches your riding style and ability.