5 Things to Know Before You Get Yourself A PG

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PG is just a fancy word for Paying Guests. Whenever it is admission time, life gets tougher for students. It is time to move out of your city and go to the place where you will be giving those entrance exams. For those students who get to give exams by staying at home, it is truly a blessing. For others, it is taking up the hassle of staying in a PG and preparing for the IIT JEE exams with the help of coaching institutes in Kota.

You can also get your own flat if you have enough expenses. But that is hardly the case with most students. Budget crunched parents try their best to provide good education for their child and in such circumstance renting a PG is the only option available. However make sure you know your facts before checking yourself into a PG:

Get Yourself a Legal Agreement

When searching for pg near me for female, makes sure you always get a rent agreement. Rent agreement is done on legal stamp paper and outlines everything from the duration of stay, to the rent provided, the facilities provided and more. Usually an agreement like this lasts for around a year or so, but it can also be increased or decreased if situation calls for it. Without an agreement staying at a PG is considered illegal and you can face a lot of hassles.

Get Police Verification Done

All legal agreements require submitting one copy of the same to the police station. This is not only safe for the landlord but for the guest as well. You can always report to the police in case of any mishap and clear your name beforehand.

PG Accommodation Does Not Require Local Guardian

You must always note that PG accommodation does not require the presence of local guardian. There are many PG who state that a local guardian must be present. However, this is a completely false claim. The word paying guest means that you pay for staying there. Apart from the house rules, there should not be any other rule with no base.

Friends and Family Are Always Allowed

Please also note that unless it is a PG for specific needs or conditions, there are no rules on PG which restricts the visit of friends and family. Whether you are a student or a working professional living in a pg in electronic city, no landlord has the right to bar restriction on visits. These are all points to be mentioned in the legal agreement. Include points that is suited to you and don’t agree on unnecessary and baseless criteria.

The Landlord Cannot Refuse Security Money

Most paying guest landlord will ask you to pay a month’s rent as security deposit before letting you stay there. Before vacating, the landlord is bound t pay you back the security amount. Exception cases are when you vandalize the property, then you don’t get anything back. But apart from this an average guest can expect their security money returned to them before they leave the PG.