5 Traditional Malaysian Fashions Balancing Western Styles


Fashion fades but the style is eternal. It is a famous saying by the late Yves Saint Laurent. Everyone knows this fact but we follow fashions rather than capturing a permanent style. What are the reasons? Actually, fashion is evolving regularly and it is creating new styles for the user. Couponify.com.my presents how to take advantage of a Zalora discount code when balancing the style and fashion. The year 2020 is not an easy time. Covid-19 pandemic has shown devastating effects in everyone’s life at every level. However, fashion and style will persist even in a changed form. Remember these top five fashion ideas for sustainable style in Malaysia.

Oversized Backpacks:

It is hard to believe but oversized backpacks are getting attention in the society. Malaysian fashion industry is improving with the passage of time. The islands remained cut from the western world for long times but internet and modern communication technologies have done a great job to bring people closer. The fashion of oversized backpack looks strange but it is very common in the local areas. It is great to keep more luggage’s in a single bag and carry anywhere.

Bucket Hats:

Bucket hats are among the common accessories looking too cool. These caps are solid and favorable for the Malaysian environment. Bucket hats are available in leather and polythene style. These are favorable in the rainy season. Wearing these hats keeps your head and face safe from the rainwater. Imagine the old Malaysian people wearing bucket hats or bamboo. The fashion is evolving with Zalora discount code allowing buyers to choose something modern and more attractive.

Monochromatic Neutrals:

Is it important to choose rainbow’s spectrum? Most people love dressing in this style. No doubt, it is a popular style but it is not unchangeable. Nowadays, famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are wearing the monochromatic neutrals. SKIMS are a popular trend by Kim and it needs attention. Check the monochromatic approaches whenever you shop apparels, outfits and even underwear.


These are among the classic things for men. Menswear fashion has several types. Thanks to modern styles. Choosing classic menswear has become simpler. Malaysian traditional fashion is different from western world. However, it is possible to create a balancing approach. For example, Malaysian men commonly wear coats with their traditional dresses. This shows the possibilities of creating more designs and styles by mixing other ideas.


Multiple types of prints exist in the fashion world. It is true that wearing a printed shirt or coat is attractive. Women love the prints. Today, prints are also common for menswear. A Zalora discount code on prints such as floral prints, rainbow prints and more is available at Couponify.com.my. Never forget this discount code if you really wish to take advantage of latest fashion routines.

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