5 Unexpected Supplies Every Car Wash Facility Needs


When it comes to keeping customers satisfied and cars sparkling clean, sometimes the simplest products can be the most effective. Customers come to you for car washing services, but they also come because they are hoping to achieve a level of clean that they wouldn’t get at home on their own. Want to keep the cars rolling through your facility? Here are 5 basic car wash supplies to ensure every car leaves your facility looking and smelling its best.

Armor All Products

Once the exterior of their car is spotless, customers are looking for the best products to wipe down that grimy dashboard and interior. Keeping your vending machine well stocked with Armor All products will ensure your customers find exactly what they need to keep their car interior looking fresh. Keeping the vending products well-stocked will let customers know that they can depend on your facility to always carry the car care products they need.

Air Fresheners

From can air fresheners to paper options, you can never carry too many choices in air fresheners. Once your customers are happy with the newness of their clean vehicle, they will want a fresh scent to boost that clean feeling. Whether you include air fresheners in your vending options or provide complimentary fresheners to every customer, these little scented products are a must-have at every car wash facility.

Microfiber Towels

As a vending option and in the hands of your staff, the microfiber towel is an essential tool in your arsenal of car wash supplies. Microfiber reduces the chance of leaving stray fibers behind when you wipe a newly washed exterior or interior. If you use a specific microfiber towel to wipe down cars, offer that same towel in your vending machine. Customers will love the results and want their own for wiping down their interior.

Car Coasters

Clean cars often prompt drivers to pursue other items that will help them keep the car as clean as possible in between washes. While car cleanliness is on the mind, it is useful to offer a variety of products that customers don’t typically look for. Car coasters help keep cup holders from collecting dirt, grime, and drops of everyone’s favorite morning beverage. After looking at a wide selection of fun and helpful cup coasters, who wouldn’t want to add that to their spotless car?

Car Organizers

Nothing motivates organization quite like a clean car. A shiny new exterior, spotless windows, and a beautifully streak-free dashboard will prompt any car owner to dive further into organizing their car. Offering a wide array of car organizers can be one of the best car wash supplies to have on hand at your facility. Customers will know they can always find the best, and most useful supplies when they get their car washed.