8 Ways To Make Your Home A Eco-Friendly Place To Live In

Home Improvement

Due to ever-growing pollution and smog, no place is safe for health anymore. Even in our homes, toxins like formaldehyde and benzene are exuded by furniture and carpets. It’s been a long time since the voice of the planet is heard by humans. It is the need of the hour to adopt green ways to help the environment and it’s not just to be implemented by the government but by every individual too. Be it home or offices, a few, minor changes can make the air breathable again and help the planet to survive. Here’s how you can do your bit:

  • Practice Energy Conservation

Sounds complicated? Well, all you need to do is to turn off the switch every time you are not in the need for electricity. Whether it’s lights, air conditioner, television or a fan, make sure if you are not using it, it is turned off. This way you will spend less money, save energy and reduce your carbon footprints on the environment.

  • Pick A Plant

Try to make space for indoor plants as much as you can. You are not being asked to turn your house into a garden but a plant in every room will not hurt. Pick peace lily, an excellent air purifier or holy basil, one of the most common medicinal plants in India. The plants will purify the air you breath making significant positive changes in your health.

  • Cut The Use of Plastic

Plastic is the most stubborn form of waste which won’t be composed even in a hundred years. The oceans and water creatures are reported to be filled with plastic rather than oxygen. Plastic is killing the planet very slowly, a little bit every day and its use should be immediately scrapped. 

  • Avoid Wastage of Food

If you have leftovers, be kind enough to give it to a stray animal but it will really help Mother Earth if you stop wasting food altogether. It adds to the amount of carbon dioxide in the landfills which creates a gas chamber in a wide area. It might be insignificant to you but every bit helps.

  • Reduce The Use of Paper

It’s no secret that millions of trees are being cut every year to manufacture paper and trees is what our planet needs to survive. Using less paper will lead to less cutting of trees which will help to improve the quality of the biosphere in which you live. Use electronic mails and digital devices to lessen the usage of paper.

  • Start a Compost Pile

Compost is in trend in the country and this is a piece of good news for everyone. Compost bins reduce waste by letting you reuse things you would normally just toss out. They also help with the better growth of plants and save your money too.  If you have plants in the house or have a garden, prepare a compost on your own rather than purchasing it from the market.

  • Reduce Water Waste

Are you in the habit of letting the water running from the tap while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes? If the answer is yes, then you are putting an extra burden on everyone else on this planet. Do your bit and turn the tap off when it is not required, cut back on bottled water, take short showers and invest in a good water filter rather than purchasing a water bottle every time you feel thirsty.

  • Recycle The Car

Recycling a vehicle could be the most major way to help the environment and live an eco-friendly life. The most recycled product in the world market is the automobile. It will help you become more eco-friendly than before and the universe will appreciate your efforts in saving the blue planet called Earth.

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