A look into the course of data science program


Data science deals with the uncovering of findings from the data. The data scientist dives to the granular level of the data to mine for patterns and textures that can help to make smarter business decisions. It all rests at the hidden message behind the data. It is this hidden message that needs to be identified for increasing the business value. Data scientists explore the data given to them whether the data is structured or unstructured. They act as detectives to find any possible information that has relation with the problems of the business. The investigation of data leads the data scientist to probable solutions that can resolve the problem. ExcelR Solutions is one of the institutes that provide data science training.

Factors that define a data scientist

  • Mindset: Mindset is one of the personality trait that every data scientist must possess. The data scientists are the people who are deep thinkers. They are different from other people because of their thought process. They look into problems through different angles which cannot be possible for any other person. This personality trait of theirs helps them to identify things that are not easily identifiable. People of intense mindset have unparalleled curiosity which gives rise to new questions and their related answers. Creativity, ingenuity and mindset are the real motivators of a data scientist.
  • Training: Data science is not restricted to one field of study. A person wishing to become a data scientist must have multidisciplinary skills like statistics, mathematics, computer programming, etc. You can get training from any institute across the world but if do not possess the basic skills you will never become a thorough data scientist professional. However, it is necessary that a data scientist must have a bachelor’s degree either in the field of mathematics, statistics, programming language, banking and finance.

Learning topics of a data science program

  • Introduction: You cannot become a data scientist until you are well-versed with the term data science. In order to become a data scientist it is necessary that you are introduced to data science.
  • Python: The student here is thought about basics of python. The student is required to understand the operators, functions, variables, data structure, etc.
  • Statistics: The student must learn about statistics, probability, types of testing, etc. They also learn about descriptive and inferential stats.
  • Predictive modelling: The student must also learn about the basics of machine and predictive models.