All Accounts for the Weather in Puerto Escondido


Puerto Escondido was the last stop on our trip through Mexico. We came from the sleepy Mazunte and therefore immediately felt the contrast to the small hippie village, because in Puerto Escondido there is a lot more going on and tourism is much more diverse.

Puerto Escondido is particularly popular with surfers who come from all over the world for the so-called “Mexican Pipeline”. But beach enthusiasts also get their money’s worth and can enjoy the pleasant climate on the coast of the state of Oaxaca.

Weather Variations

Puerto Escondido has the tropical savanna climate prevailing. It is warm every month, both in the rainy and dry seasons. The average annual temperature in Puerto Escondido is 21 degrees and the annual rainfall is 599 mm. It is dry 152 days a year with an average humidity of 62% and a UV index of 4. For weather in Puerto Escondido this is most important.

Boats lie on the beach in Puerto Escondido in Mexico

In our opinion, Puerto Escondido can be easily divided into three zones. There is the area around the southernmost end of Playa Zicatela (called Punta Zicatela or La Punta), where the backpackers cavort. The upscale hotels and restaurants are located further north along Playa Zicatela. And if you go towards the center and Bahía Principal, you will meet mostly Mexican tourists.

In our travel report about Puerto Escondido in Mexico we share some general information with you and highlight the different ways of getting there. In addition, we look at the most popular activities and sights and give tips on how to stay and eat in Puerto Escondido.

General information about Puerto Escondido

The name Puerto Escondido means something like “hidden harbor” and is said to be traced back to a captured woman who escaped the pirate Andrés Drake in the bay (Bahía de la Escondida = bay of the hidden woman).

Puerto Escondido did not exist until 1930 and it was only through its use as a port for shipping coffee that today’s city slowly formed. By connecting to the highway, the first surfers discovered the small town, which was soon followed by tourists. Today around 50,000 people live in Puerto Escondido , most of whom make a living from fishing and tourism.

The further you move from the tourist epicenter towards the city center in the northwest, the more hilly the area becomes. We sweated quite a bit while searching the beaches in this area.

This is also due to the tropical climate with an average annual temperature of over 27 °. The water temperature is also over 25 ° all year round and is therefore perfect for all water rats. The months from May to October have the highest rainfall, so the best time to travel to Puerto Escondido is from November to April.

Security in Puerto Escondido

  • We didn’t find Puerto Escondido dangerous and have always felt safe. Nevertheless, there are reports of robberies that prefer to happen in the dark on the beach or in unlit streets .
  • So it’s better to take a taxi after dark or be in a larger group. In addition, you should take the usual safety precautions and not hang around with jewelry and lots of money in your pocket.
  • In addition, we always recommend that you inquire about the current security situation in your accommodation, as the employees often know best.

A sign warns of the dangers of the waves in Puerto Escondido

But you have to be careful, especially in and around the sea, as the waves are unpredictable and can sometimes be up to 10 meters high. Therefore, there are warning signs on the cliffs on the western edge of Bahía Principal, as some people have probably already been surprised by the waves and died as a result. There are also dangerous currents that can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers.

At the time of research we could not find any evidence of shark attacks off Puerto Escondido, but crocodiles have been sighted several times in recent years. However, there were no attacks by them. You can find reports about this here and here.