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The Bathroom Slip:

Your bathroom is only next to your living room. So your bathroom should have everything in place to ensure the overall safety of everyone including kids. But even then, one should take utmost care especially while treading the wet floors of his bathroom. It is quite common to see people slipping on the wet floors.

It is not their mistake either. Though you have your bathroom designed as per the latest technology and design, you cannot control the occurrence of slipping over the floors. On the whole, it is a natural event. The following are some of the reasons contributing to the cause of bathroom slips:

  • Lack of foot traction on the floors
  • Porous nature of the ground
  • Improper way of cleaning
  • Waterlogging
  • Unattended accumulation of minute stuff like cosmetics and shampoos into the floor 

However, there are some precautionary ways to prevent bathroom slips. Let us discuss all those details step by step.

To start with, how to go about this:

We know you have built your house and bathroom spending your money, time and energy. As others, you always tend to achieve long-time results out of your newly-built house. There is nothing wrong as such. Even for any replacement at home, you cannot make your decision abruptly. Instead, you would sit and think. That is really good on your part. While encountering daily issues, it is only advisable to take steps to deal with them head-to-head. But that cannot be done without preparation.

As for slipping in the bathroom, sometimes you may not want to replace your bathroom tiles to find a solution for certain reasons. However, there have been some quick anti-slip solutions for tiles. They are all part of the procedures like anti-slip treatment or anti-slip coating. They are described as follows:

  • Epoxy coating: A mix of two liquid components like hardener and epoxy resin, it has a strong finish that is highly resistant. As a result of this, this can be applied to decks and floors for example.
  • Polyurethane coating: This is nothing but a polyurethane layer. This coating can be applied to the surface to give protection from abrasion and corrosion.
  • Polyaspartic coating: It is nothing but a hybrid material. Its coating nature is useful for anti-corrosion purposes.

So you can find some immediate anti-slip solutions for tiles through these methods described above.

Who has been handling anti-slip solution for tiles:

Well, though you are ready for your next course of action regarding anti-slip solutions, you must be aware of whom you can trust and whom you can rope in to do the job perfectly. There have been many bathroom specialists doing this kind of job. In fact, they have been covering wide-ranging options as described below:

  • First off, they go for spot inspection to check the status
  • These experts will decide which coating is the best suitable for your case accordingly
  • They even recommend certain options to you. They talk about their benefits for you. For example, the installation of polyurethane coating is safe and sound
  • They are ready to deal with any after-installation issue
  • They offer anti-slip solutions for tiles at affordable rates
  • They have been following up with customer-centric services and offering the best anti-slip solutions for tiles

Even while going for their services, just ensure that you are checking their expertise, track record and background in the previous projects. This is to ensure that you don’t have to end up losing money unnecessarily.

How your tiles get foot traction:

So the main idea is to give your floors the required resistance to provide your feet with full traction. This is how it works to your advantage. In short, the whole process involves altering or strengthening your floors to withstand slips, meaning giving resistance to slips through proper means. Let us see some common chemical procedures involved in providing anti-slip solutions for tiles. Some details are as follows:

  • The so-called anti-slip treatment: Most designers in general use anti-slip products to treat the floors. This will in turn ensure their functionality to the greatest extent possible. This is nothing but an acid etching technique. Well, what will this method do? The acid etching technique strengthens the roughness of your floors through some chemical reactions. In this method, an etching agent like hydrofluoric solution is being used. This agent reacts with your surface and increases its roughness, thereby improving its slip resistance.
  • The anti-slip solutions through abrasive tapes: Nowadays, anti-slip solutions can be achieved with ease. There are ways to do this. For example, abrasive tapes are attached to the floor to increase the foot traction. Secondly, it is all about anti-slip treads. These specially designed anti-slip treads are installed on your staircases. This will be in the form of grit-coated tiles – an abrasive material. Made from fiberglass and aluminum, these anti-slip treads can be used indoors or outdoors for walkways and stairways.
  • The ant-slip painting: These anti-slip paints are exclusively meant for the surfaces to get the required foot traction. These paints can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces like concrete, marble, wood, metal and stone. In fact, these hardy materials create a textured and rough surface for the sake of safe treading and foot traction.

All these factors like special coatings and specially made materials like abrasive tapes will go to greater lengths in the matter of providing anti-slip solutions for tiles through greater foot traction and slip resistance characteristics.

It is all about your overall safety:

Now that your big concern for safety in the bathroom especially in the form of avoiding a fall over the surface can be taken care of by all those anti-slip solutions for tiles, you have to make your first move in the right direction.

Maybe you are thinking of an Anti slip solution for tiles – a great way to get a grip.  Quite interestingly, this is possible given the various innovative methods and amazing anti-slip solutions for tiles offered by numerous experienced workers and great professionals in this field of activity.