Bauhaus Furniture

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A Bauhaus chair has always been a sacred possession for all the furniture lovers out there. It is the symbol of comfort, luxury, and an elite Bauhaus furniture style as well. No matter how big or cozy apartment you own, unless you have this piece, it’d be always missing out on the mandatory essence.

Mies, the god of the furniture world, and his colleague Lilly Reich introduced this godsend that glorified the Bauhaus furniture range in 1929. It has become an instant hit and its fame skyrocketed in a mere blink.

Let us tell you more about this beauty without any further ado.

Simplified design:

The crux of the Bauhaus Furniture is that they always emphasize a piece of more simplified and iconic furniture rather than going for the bulky and stuffy pieces. This leads to the inculcation of Cantilever-style to the furniture to give a vintage look and compliment your rich taste in the selection of Mies Ven collection.

You don’t have to go for the four-legged outdated chairs anymore. This c-shaped framework provides more support and takes lesser space, this can be a complete perfection in itself and a harbinger of modernization as well.

Innovative frame structure:

Like many other chairs from the Bauhaus Furniture, this one too depicts stainless steel with a chrome finish to give it that shiny and sleek look, which has become its signature aspect.

The silver welded joints provide sturdy support and keep it in shape for eons. The screws are not visible, because of the multiple layers of the chrome finish, and this distinguishes the Mies BRNO chair from ordinary chairs which look ugly because of big visible screws.

Resilient Upholstery:

The seat comprises of strong frame boundaries and resilient urethane foam. This means that it is the perfect time to bid farewell to shapeless and dispersed chair seats.

The Aniline leather upholstery makes your experience of Bauhaus furniture, an unforgettable one. Instead of keeping it safe from children, let them roam and play with it, as manufacturers have made them child-friendly, so now your furniture would carry memories rather than a scratch or untidy marks.


The best thing that sums up the chair measurements is its seat height. It is 17.5 inches regarding the Mies BRNO chair.

Discussing other conventional measurements, this chair is 32 inches high, 23 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep. These are entirely hypothetical and depend on approximations, you can check out their full-size guide to avoid any mishap.

Impressive warranty:

The manufacturers acknowledge the worth of the fortune spent on such exquisite pieces that is why they guarantee a complete five-year warranty on all the furniture pieces and a one year warranty on the factory defects. The customer service is quick and efficient, and always on their heels to listen to your queries and reviews. All you have to do is to keep a check on the delivery date and you are good to go!

In essence:

The Mies BRNO chair can be an epitome of companionship after long tiring days. You can place it in your dining room, living room or even in your bedroom as well. Bauhaus furniture is the best approach towards versatility and a simple aesthetic furniture outlook.